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Arc Bluetooth package with ArcAir Advanced App

Die ArcAir App
Hamilton Company introduces ArcAir – a new communication package for its Arc family of intelligent process sensors. Arc Air enables reliable, economical Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity in all environments. The new Bluetooth capability allows users to view or control Hamilton Arc sensors from a wide range of devices, including smart phones and tablets. ArcAir apps are available online for both Android and iOS platforms in three versions: ArcAir Lite (free), ArcAir Basic and ArcAir Advanced.

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Hanna Lab App for
Android Smartphone or
Tablet, Apple iPad, iPhone
0r iPod Touch

Die kostenlose Hanna Lab App verbindet sich per Knopfdruck über Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Smart Technologie) mit allen kompatiblen HALO™ Elektroden in Reichweite zur drahtlosen pH- und Temperaturmessungen.

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JUMODevice App

Mit der JUMODevice App
Device monitoring with smartphones and tablets
In the course of Industry 4.0, mobile communication is becoming more and more important. With the JUMO Device app, Android and Apple smartphones as well as tablets can now communicate with various JUMO devices. The JUMO Device app is available free of charge on the Apple iTunes Store and on Google Play.
It is constantly being enhanced.

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Analyzer Apps

Analyzer Apps

Analyzer Apps are Apps for spectroscopic sensors - a tailored configuration of chemometrics, analysis software, and automation for real-time process monitoring. .

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touch screen mit Android keyboard

access to the controller via the network interface or through a web browser connection

the controller can be operated vom PC, tablet or smartphone remotely and in real time

Touch screen with Android keyboard - access to the controller via web browser connection from PC, tablet or smartphone

The sensors and controllers of the new V10 system generation impress with advanced technological components, functional design and valuable features that increase customer benefits significantly. Thus, the sensor design includes a new electronics enclosure, which is characterized by increased compactness and maximum robustness. The use of the latest technology allows even more precise and faster measurement and improved repeatability.

Under highest safety standards
, it is possible to access the controller via the network interface or through a web browser connection. So the controller can be operated, for example, from the PC at the workplace or with tablet or smartphone remotely and in real time. Furthermore, the secure remote access options allow a fast support by the SensoTech service.

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