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Mobile Communication in the Age of Industry 4.0 -

- Analyzer Apps for smart process analytics -

- the new generation of monitoring measuring values and ~ management -

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Rubrics: gas analytics - liquid analytics - solid analytics - physical parameter - control technology - auxiliary units
Analysers for laboratory and process industries - at-line and process analyser portfolios performing
real-time analysis of the chemical composition and/or physical properties of a process sample or
stream or even turn key solutions

Rubrics : control techmology - service provider
Turn Key automation and manufacturing IT software solutions (FiT = factory information technology) -
for industries producing foodstuffs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, coating, photovoltaic and glass.


Rubrics : auxiliary units/sample conditioning - service provider
Planning, specification, delivery, installation and commissioningurn key analysis stations and sample preparations - tailor-made to customer and application-specific requirements, starting from the gas sampling probe, heated sample and analyser lines as well as sample gas cooler - E-Procurement and online shop

Rubrics: gas analytics - auxiliary units
Oxygen in flue gases - trace Oxygen measurement - Oxygen measurement in technical gases
in the ppm- and %-vol-range - TCD-sensor - Calorific Value/Wobbe-index.

Rubrics: liquid analytics - solid analytics
The experts for mobile instruments : XRF - NIR - FTIR - Raman-spectrometry

Rubrics : particle analytics -service provider
ANASYSTA is focussed on analytical systems, technologies and applications - consulting and suggesting proven methods - support to make the proper choice for the convenient technolgy available -

Rubrics : liquid analytics - physical parameter
Monitoring and regulating in chemical chemical, pharmaceutical industry, automotive, galvanic and semiconductor processes - the open analyser technology platform.

Rubrics: gas analytics - liquid analytics - solid analytics - control technology - service provider
Distributor and service provider for instruments for chemists and analysts - world wide
- for own analytical products and for well known manufacturer - customised software solutions for chemical analysis -

Rubrics : liquid analytics - solid analytics - physical parameter - control technology
Anton Paar GmbH produces high-end measuring and laboratory instruments for industry
and research as well as for the measurement of density, concentration and CO2 and the field of rheometry - eShop

Rubrics : gas analytics --.liquid analyitics - physical parameter - control technology - auxiliary units/sample conditioning - service provider
Committed to Safety - BARTEC specialists develop, produce and sell component solutions
and system solutions for all areas where hazardous substances such as combustible liquids,
gases and dusts are worked with.

Rubrics: gas analytics - physical parameter - auxiliary units
Gas detection - gas monitoring - level measurement - flame detection - Ex-signal devices -
profound knowledge in system integration of fire & gas devices and gas analysers.


Rubrics : gas analytics
Insitu gas analysis for bioprocesses, biogas and life sciences.

Rubrics : gas analytics - liquid analytics- solid analytics
Innovate Solutions for Process Analytical Questions in all Industrial Production Processes - with IR-, NIR- and Raman spectroscopy - for foof&diet, for agriculture, for environmental protection - indication of hazadous substances in gases, fluids and solids (CBRNE detection) - surface analysis

Rubrics: liquid analytics - solid analytics
NIR-based solutions for liquid and solid samples for quality control in numerous industries - analysing and controlling
at-line and online -

Rubrics : gas analytics - liquid analytics - auxiliary units/sample conditioning
The specialist for level and temperature control, cooling and analytical techniques.

Rubrics : physical parameter - auxiliary units/sample conditioning
Segments and solutions for measuring and control systems for gases and fluids - process and control valves, pneumatics, sensors,  MicroFluidics - eShop

Rubrics :liquid analytics - solid analytics - auxiliary units
C3 Prozess- und Analysentechnik specialises in marketing and servicing complex analytical measuring systems.

Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH

Rubrics : liquid analytics - solid analytics
Spectrometer for agriculture, food ~, glass ~ and solar industries
Spectrometer for numreous tasks in lab, on-line production and on the field -
colour measurement - layer thickness and coating measurment - moisture measrement

Rubrics : gas analytics - liquid analytics - physical parameter - service provider
Process equipment for the Oxygen measurement - concentration measurement - density measurement -
CO2-monitoring - water processing - plant construction.


Rubrics : auxiliary units - service provider
Competence for analysing systemes - developing, designing und constructing new analysing systems -
also off the standards - maintenance and servicing all analytical systems

Rubrikcs: gas analytics - liquid analytics
Process analytics for the beverage industry and air seperation plants - constant taste and safeguarding against harmful substances -

Rubrics : solid analytics
Individual solutions for industrial moisture and density measurement applying microwave technology
in production processes of wood, engineered wood, food, bulk solids, lamellae et. al.

Rubrics :gas analytics - liquid analytics - physical parameter - auxiliary units
Sensors, controllers and ready-to-run analyzers. For pH, ORP, conductivity,
free chlorine, chlorine dioxide, peroxide and ozone. For cooling water and
boiler-feed water. For drinking water and utility water.

Rubrics: gas analytics - physical parameter
Process and environmental measuring technique - dust~, immission~ and mercury measuring instruments - gas flow measurement.

Rubrics: gas analytics
Innovative analytical solutions for measurement tasks in the fields of environment, health and process control -
Chemiluminescence as analytical tool

Rubrics : gas analytics - liquid analytics - solid analytics - service provider
The technology leader in elemental analysis and isotope ratio mass spectrometry - CHNOS elemental analysis
from < 0.01 to 100% - investigation of plant material, soils, fertilizers and all kinds of organic samples and/or biomass - solid fuel analysis - fully automated TOC analysis in water and solids - analysis of metals and inorganics(cement, steels, ceramics a.o.) for quality control


Rubrics: gas analytics - service provider
Systems for flue gas and Oxygen analysis - engineering, planning and execution of emission and process measuring technology

Rubrics : gas analytics - liquid analytics - physical parameter
As a technological leader in the field of clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement, FLEXIM offers the ideal flow meter solutions - non-intrusive flow measurement employing ultrasound technology even at high temperatures until 400°C -

Rubrics :gas analytics - physical parameter
Development, production and marketing (also OEM´s) of infrared cameras - applications for
maintenace, controlling, non-destructive testing, gas detection et. al.

Rubrics : liquid analytics - solid analytics- auxiliary units/sample conditioning - service provider
The specialist for X-ray fluorescence analysis - abundance of accessories, application packages, commercial analysis - reference materials and proficiency tests

Rubrics: gas analytics> - liquid analytics - service provider
Solutions for the process and environmental analytics - complete from the sample extraction over the gas analysis until the sewage control.

Rubrics : particle analytics
Sample preparation and particle sizing

Rubrikcs : gas analytics - sample conditioning/auxiliary units
Global solutions for gas monitoring- mobile and stationary systems based on FTIR-technology

Rubrics : gas analytics - liquid analytics - solid analytics - physical parameter
Technologies for the measurement of chemical and biological parameter - compact process instruments for quality controls during production - sensors for measurements of physical and biological parameter

Rubrics: liquid analytics - physical parameter
Vapor pressure - flash-point - fuel analysis - distillation - viscosity - solutions for industries needs at state of the art technology

Rubrics: solid analytics - engineering
CCD cameras for imaging and spectroscopy in the range from X-Ray to near infrared (NIR) -
systems for the inspection of solar cells and modules - electroluminescence and photoluminescence characterisation of solar cells and solar modules.

Rubrics : particle analytics
Particle and Nanoparticle Measurement Technology in Aerosols
- Complete range of products for particle generation and monitoring - in industry and research.

Rubrics: gas analytics - liquid analytics - auxiliary units
Competence and quality for gas and water analytics as well as sample preparation - TOC-analysers for process and field - online measurement of hydrocarbons in gases -

Rubrics: physical parameter - auxiliary units/sample conditioning - service provider
Industry leader in the design and manufacture of liquid handling, process analytics, robotics and automated storage solutions - sensors for pH and conductivity measurement and for dissolved Oxygen, columns for HPLC - calibration and validation

Rubrics : liquid analytics - physical parameter
Hanna Instruments is a world leader in electrochemistry - process analyser for the online measurement of pH / Redox / Chlorine / temperature / conductivity / dissolved Oxygen a.o. - eShop

Rubrics: particle analytics - service provider
Particle sizing and shape analysis.

Rubrics : liquid analytics - particle analytics - service provider
Innovative concepts for fibre-optical immersion probes and flow cells for process analytical technology (PAT)
- proven usability in chemical and petrochemical industry, pharmacy, life science, beverages and food -

Rubrics: control technology - service provider
From safety to smart safety for industry 4.0 - comprehensive solutions for safety-related applications in the rra of ditigal age - controlling industrial plants safely, intelligently and flexibel with modular systems - IT-security in industrial plants : cybersecurity is part of the architecture in the HIMA products and solutions

Rubrics: gas analytics - liquid analytics- physical parameter - service provider
Total solutions for protecting the environment, and for industrial processing analysis
- for immission ~, emission ~ and water analytics

Rubrics : particle analytics
Innovative sensors and measurement equipment for the application in the environment or at the work place
- major technologies are electronics, optics, fiber optics, plastics and precision mechanics -

Rubric : service provider
Laboratory and consultancy services for pharmaceutical analytics and quality control
laboratory services - reference standards - vigilance & quality services
analytical services for drug substances, drug products and borderline medicinal products - development and validation of analytical methods, batch release testing, stability testing and structure elucidation.

Rubrics: liquid analytics - solid analytics
To measure important process parameters for special industries and general applications -
from the coal to the wood and paper industry.


Rubrics:: gas analytics
Online mass spectrometer for the demanding gas analysis.

Rubrics : auxiliary units - service provider
ARO pumps - fluid handling equipment for inks, chemicals, lLubricants, seelants & adhesives a.o.
- technical services and solutions for mining, power plants, air solutions and material handling systems a.o. -


Rubrics: liquid analytics - solid analytics - engineering
Solutions for UV/VIS/NIR-spectroscopy systems - produchts for OEM´s.

Rubrics : gas analytics - service provider
The know-how way to process analytics - standard units and systems are customised
to specific measuring tasks.

Rubrics: liquid analytics - physical parameter
A major manufacturer in the fField of industrial sensor and automation technology
- the entire measuring chain for temperature, pressure, liquid analysis, flow rate, filling level and humidity

Rubrics : liquid analytics - solid analytics
Optical analysis technology for the production process
- a leading company for fluorescence spectroscopy directly in the production process in liquids and on surfaces

Rubrics: liquid analytics - physical parameter
State of the art series of devices for industrial analysis of liquids, for pH, conductivity,
and dissolved oxygen.

Rubrikcs: liquid analytics - physical parameter
Manufacturer and supplier of solutions in industrial process instrumentation for :
flow easurement, level measurement, temperature measurement, pressure measurement, analysis instruments, systems, gas & steam measurement

Rubrics : liquid analytics
On-line measurement systems to many industries where TOC, COD, BOD, TNb, TP and toxicity are common parameters to determine the quality of water using on-line analyser

Rubrics : service provider
Your Partner for Custom-built (OEM) Laser Systems - single-frequency, high-power lasers, laserdiodemodules, DPSS lasers, air-cooled argon ion lasers, optical components, mirrors, optical table and machines for laser materials processing

Rubrics : liquid analytics - solid analytics - sample conditioning/auxiliary units
Automated sample preparation for the analysis of residues and contaminants
in food and feed as well as for environmental samples and biological matrices

Leopold Siegrist GmbH

Rubrics : gas analytics - liquid analytics
Environmental and explosion protection, emergency management and occupational afety - pointedly focusing
on safety - stationary and portable units for continuous process or workstation monitoring of industrial environment,
also custom-made systems

Rubrics : gas analytics - liquid analytics - auxiliary units
Process analysers which guarantee an unusually high level of response stability and operational reliability
- thermal conductivity analyser (TCD), Oxygen gas analyser, TOC analyser -

Rubrics: liquid analytics - solid analytics
Moisture ~, water content ~ and coating measurement in fluids and solids
- in bulk solids - forage - fuels - paints - pipelines - paper webs - textile webs

Rubrics : gas analytics - physical parameter
The leading specialist for IR detectors (pyrometer), thermal imaging, gas monitoring,
- appölication for industry, clean room technology, medicine, global energy -

Rubrics: particle analytics - control technology - service provider
Materials characterization tools for particulates and disperse systems, nanomaterials
and macromolecules - from industrial bulk powders to the latest nanomaterials and delicate macromolecules

Process Analytics

Rubrics : gasanlytics - liquid analytics - solid analytics
Atline-, Online- and Inline-Process Analyser - for liquid analytics - process liquids, bases, acids, drinking water, pickling baths a.o. - NIR spectroscopy for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry - anorganic components in gases and ambient air via IC -

Rubrics: gas analytics - liquid analytics - physical parameter
Industrial solutions from the manufacturing processes to waste water treatment
Solutions range from receiving raw materials, in-line process control and end-of-line packaging control, to logistics and shipping
Measuring components : pH-value - conductivity - turbidity - Oxygen - dissolved Oxygen - dissolved CO2 - dissolved Ozone

MKS Data Analytics Solutions

Rubrics : control technology
Software for design of experiments DoE and multivariate data analysis MVDA - eShop

Rubrics : solid analytics
Innovative systems in the fields of screening and plant for solids handling and processing - screening equipment up to lump sizes of 3 t in weight - - sorting bulk materials according to their color, shape or size -

Rubrics: gas analytics - physical parameter - auxiliary umits
MRU produces for craft and industry emission monitoring systems, analysers for portable
and stationary (emission and process gas) use as well as small handheld units for HVAC applications.

Rubrics: particle analytics
Particle Measurement Instruments for Pharma - Food - Chemiistry - R&D - Lab + Production - Powder-Suspensions-Emulsion - measure particle sizes inline and insitu -

Rubrics :liquid analytics - solid analytics - service provider
The "concept" is the combination of NIR-engineering and applications with spectrometer systems.

Rubrics: gas analytics - control technology
State-of-the-art, innovative systems for gas analysis and process control - systems for
ambient air quality monitoring (AQM) and continuous emissions monitoring (CEM)/process control.

Rubrics: gas analytics - liquid analytics - particle analytics - physical parameter
Development and support of high-performance inline photometric analyzers for industrial
liquid and gas-processing applications.
- inline turbidity meters, turbidimeters, colorimeters, cell density probes and other UV-VIS-NIR process photometers -

Rubrics : physical parameter
Innovative instruments in the area of non contact temperature measurement through
infrared radiation - Pyrometers (portable and industrial stationary thermometers) as well as thermal imagers.

Rubrics: liquid analytics - solid analytics - sample conditioning
Solutions supplier based upon X-ray diffraction, X-ray scattering and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry but also near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy - for industries including building materials, metals, mining, food, pharma, cosmetics, polymers, oils, plastics and many more

Rubrics : gas analytics liquid analytics - solid analytics - particle analytics - control technology
Modular Polytec Spectrometer Systems (PSS) for flexibility and applicable to both online
process control and laboratory measurements - standardised set of sensor heads with
spectrometers and process software packages for qualitative and quantitative online analysis.


Rubrics : gas analytics liquid analytics - solid analytics - physical parameter
PreSens is a world leader in the field of chemical optical Oxygen, pH and CO2 sensors
- sensor systems for biotech & pharma, food & beverage, scientific applications and medical devices -

UIRA Qualität durch
Instrumentelle Analytik

Rubrics: liquid analytics - control technology - service provider
Office for intelligent automation systems - chemical analytics close to factory and process.

Rubrics: gas analytics - auxiliary units
One of the leading manufacturer of gas detection and gas monitoring instruments - also for explosive and toxic gases - for industrial use the like as the shipping and solar/semiconductor industries, for marine use - for research and public services.

Rubrics: control technology - service provider
Three Steps to Successful Process Analytics : Measurment - Analysing - Evaluation
- all in-one-solution based on online-spectrometer, analyser software PEAXACT and process know how -

Rubrics: control technology -engineering
Comprehensive method competence in software development and technical documentation develops customer-specific technical software for analyzers and for laboratory and process automation via chemometrics and spectroscopy.

Rubrics: liquid analytics - physical parameter
The leading provider of systems for the analysis and optimization of process in liquids
- innovative systems is to measure ultrasonic velocity and density in continuous processes - inline measurement of concentration in liquids - monitoring phase interface detection, polymerization and crystallization


Rubrics: gas analytics - liquid analytics - solid analytics - service provider
Core competence in photonics, the combination of optical technologies and micro electronics, we offer high-tech products combined with comprehensive services.
The focus is the development and manufacturing of complete optical sensors and analysers for the chemcial, pharmaceutical and life science industry. OEM products are offered.

Rubrics: particle analytics - service provider
Inline measurement of aerosols and droplets in emulsions and polymers -realtime inline informations on characterisation of size. shape, morphology in customized specificated systems

Rubrics : gas analytics - liquid analytics - physical parameter - control technology - auxiliary units - service provider
Solutions for process analytics - complete solutions from one source.

Rubrics : gas analytics - liquid analytics - physical parameter - control technology
From process analyzers to system solutions - a comprehensive range of products and systems
or process and quality optimization - products for process analytics include continuous
gas analyzers for stand-alone and system solutions as well as process gas chromatographs.

Smart Online
Particle Analysis Technology

Rubrics : particle analytics - service provider
Measure particles within your running process - real-time analysis of multi-phase systems - droplets, grains, cells or bubbles, are measured in running processes

Rubrics:gas analytics - liquid analytics - solid analytics - control technology
High-quality, state-of-the-art industrial products for detector array based optical spectroscopy from single OEM components like operating electronics up to complete UV/VIS/NIR- as well as Raman-diode array spectrometer systems

Rubrics : gas analytics - liquid analytics - solid analytics
Advanced systems for laboratory, ambient air, petroleum, point-source mercury monitoring, as well as
automated air analyzers and Hg-CEM monitoring systems measuring ultra-trace levels of Mercury.

Rubrics: liquid analytics - sample conditioning
Thermo Fisher Dionex has over 25 years of experience installing on-line IC and HPLC capabilities in a wide range of industries - to meet the customers’ measurement requirements.

Rubrics: service provider
World's leading engineering experts for the planning and construction of chemical works, refineries, coke oven, cement manufacturing and other industrial complexes - as well as machinrey, plants, and systems for the mining, treatment and handling of raw materials

Rubrics: gas analytics - physical parameter - auxiliary units
Sophisticated gas analysis and data logging equipment for pressure and temperature -
gas and water suppliers (local distribution companies), steel producers, the chemical industry, operators and manufacturers of biogas- and sewage plants

UVT-Ingenieurbüro für Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik

Rubrics : liquid analytics - physical parameter - service provider
Components for the process measuring technique - COD-analyser - optical sensors - certifications.




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