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Asynt Introduce New DrySyn Heating Block Systems

Dezember 2018

New range of DrySyn heating block systems

Reflecting customer demand
Asynt have continued to expand their range of DrySyn heating block systems for reactions in tubes, vials and flasks.

Martyn Fordham, Managing Director of Asynt
"Our ongoing DrySyn developments are aimed at providing chemists with an affordable portfolio of optimised heating block systems to suit a wider range of scales in the laboratory”.
DrySyn is the environmentally-friendly

heating system of choice worldwide enabling clean, safe synthesis without the hazards and problems associated with silicon oil baths or heating mantles. Offering better heating rates than an oil bath, there is no need to change your chemistry either.

The materials
Made of chemically resistant, anodized aluminium, the DrySyn range of heating blocks offer excellent visibility and heating performance to over 300ºC and can heat a reaction 25 per cent faster than the oil bath alternative
They provide an excellent heating and stirring performance, without the inherent risks and mess of an oil bath, in addition reducing negative environmental impacts and the costs off oil disposal, DrySyn heating blocks help you create a safer, cleaner, more efficient and sustainable working environment.

For further information
on the comprehensive range of reaction formats compatible with DrySyn Heating Blocks please visit https://www.asynt.com/products/drysyn-range/ or contact Asynt on +44-1638-781709 or enquiries@asynt.com.

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