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Rubrics :liquid analytics - solid analytics - particle analytics - auxiliary units/ sample conditioning
scientific instruments for Spectroscopy, Spectral Imaging, Remote Sensing, Particle Characterisation, High Shear Homogenisation, Continuous Flow Chemical Reactors, Light Measurement

Rubrics : gas analytics - liquid analytics - solid analytics - controll technology
The experts for mobile instruments : XRF - NIR - FTIR - Raman-spectrometry

Rubrics: liquid analytics - solid analytics
SNT has been employing non-contact measurement principles, especially x-ray, microwave, laser and optical methods. Thus a wide range of bulk products (iron ore, coal a.o) and slurries or liquids can be measured.
Sorting technology for minerals as well as instruments for detection of radiation, determination of radioactive sources and measuring their intensities are in the focus of SNT.
















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