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Online Measurement Substitutes Lab Analytics

Critical advantage for wastewater treament plants

Online determination of the TOD value
(Total Oxygen Demand) via an Oxygen analyzer
replaces the time consuming COD analytics
(Chemical Oxygen Demand)

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Secure Clamping of Parallel Chemistry
Designed for chemists undertaking parallel syntheses the Asynt DrySyn 3-Position Clamp enables secure clamping of up to three round bottom flasks or condensers to a standard boss head. 



Visualizing Hydrocarbon Gases Helps Minimize Venting to the Atmosphere

FLIR Systems OGI cameras can “see” hydrocarbon gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are venting or leaking to the atmosphere.  Major oil and gas producers are using the FLIR GF320 to quickly check thousands of components and identify potential gas leaks in real-time, saving time and ultimately reducing product loss


Fast & Reliable Tracking of Coronavirus Patient Samples

Ziath Ltd. has received orders for its DataPaq™ Mirage Rack Scanner from a growing number of laboratories that specialise in testing patient samples for Coronavirus Covid-19 infection.


Centrifugal Field Flow Fractionation Improves Characterization of Drug Delivery Systems
CF2000 Centrifugal Field Flow Fractionation system is delivering exciting new data to scientists developing drug delivery systems


Compact, High-Definition Thermal Science Cameras

The FLIR A8580 series of entry-level, cooled high-definition thermal science cameras is designed for a wide range of industrial, military, science, and product research and development (R&D) applications


Laboratory Heating Blocks - Best Practice Guide

An updated 2020 version of its popular best practice guide for safely using laboratory heating blocks.


Particle Characterization Software
The 2020 version of its Particle Solutions Software Suite is now available from Testa Analytical Solutions e.K for users of their NanoBrook series of particle characterization instruments.


AMSBIO Launch Coronavirus – COVID-19 Research Products

To facilitate research into developing antiviral drugs, vaccines and diagnostics - AMSBIO is able to supply high quality 2019-nCoV full length S protein, S1 protein and human ACE2 protein based on the HEK293 human cell expression platform


High Pressure Hastelloy C Flowmeters for Hazardous Areas

Compact OG flowmeters are perfect for measuring flow at pressures up to 700 Bar and 150°C. Designed to be IP-67 / NEMA 4 compliant, Titan's Hastelloy C OG Series high pressure flowmeters are available in standard and customer specified configurations.



UV Detector for High Temperature Applications

The new high temperature UV detector is being used as part of a temperature-dependent size exclusion chromatography (TD-SEC) system to provide insights into reaction processes that were not accessible with previous methods.


Produktprogramm Hellma Analytics

Innovative Concepts for Fibre-optical
Immersion Probes and Flow Cells for
Process Analytical Technology (PAT)



Certified with the
General Purpose Approval

The continuous online measurement of pollutants in the air with the GO-Mini-ATC enables the detection limit of 1 ppb for hydrocarbon measurement.

Due to the (patented) measuring method,
no consumable materials which are harmful to health and the environment are necessary, such as, for example, the frequently used hydrogen. This guarantees safe, simple and environmentally friendly handling.



We provide laboratory and consultancy services in the divisions



AMS 3211-600
This ZrO2 flue gas probe is designed for process applications with temperatures of up to 1750 °C.



Innovative Analytical Solutions

Precision Agriculture Research
Ultra-High-Resolution Particle Characterisation



The technology is based on a high-precision measurement and a very fast and stable analytical method. It is independent of conductivity, color and transparency of the process liquids.




The Technology Leader in Elemental Analysis and Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry


Keeping Safety Systems and Control Systems Separated

Die Sicherheitslösungen von HIMA laufen unabhängig vom jeweiligen Leitsystem.
HIMA safety solutions run independently of your control system. Consequently, if an error occurs in the DCS, it cannot affect your
safety system.



Process Analysers Online,
Atline, Inline

Metrohm Process Analytics has over 40 years of experience with online process analysis.
From single-parameter analyzers to the most advanced multiparameter
Ex Proof Analyzer for the most hazardous environments.


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CISAP 9  will be held in Venice from 20 to 23 September 2020 - abstract sumission is open


Fortum, BASF, and Nornickel sign cooperation agreement on battery recycling
This would enable a successful “closed loop” cycle to reuse the critical metals present in used batteries



Troubleshooting and Preventing Manufacturing Deviations - We are your qualified partner!

Particles, discoloration or cross-contaminations – issues in pharmaceutical manufacturing have the potential to significantly impact patient care.



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