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New Process Analytics Applications
Forrum Analytics
  New Process Analytics Applications   Products for Process Analytics  


Flowmeter approved by Chinese Metrology Institute
TESTA Analytical reports, after extensive testing, that its high-precision has been approved by one of the most prestigious Metrology Institutes in Beijing, China.


Custom development of advanced CMOS image sensors

Specialised Imaging Ltd reports on the recent market launch of SI Sensors (Cambridge, UK) - a new division of the company focused on the development of advanced CMOS image sensors



Laser immersion probe for smart inline monitoring of
water and wastewater

A new type of laser-based immersion probe, which the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT in Aachen is testing as part of BMBF- and EU-funded projects with industrial partners and users, could pave the way for continuous inline monitoring of water treatment processes in wastewater treatment


World Premiere: Laser-Integrated ATEX Raman Probe Tidus Lumio

Spectroscopy specialist Hellma announces the launch of a new product which, according to the company, opens new horizons and possibilities for the use of Raman spectrometers in production processes. The new product named Tidus Lumio is an ATEX compliant Raman probe which comes with an integrated laser source


Discover our new IO-Link contamination indicator from the BCI series

Condition monitoring starts with the filter!
This supports you 24/7 in the precise monitoring of your filters and enables extremely economical utilisation of line filters in hydraulic systems. The sensor continuously records the filter capacity and is an important component of condition monitoring. Thanks to IO-Link in all versions, the sensor can be easily integrated and parameterised in existing systems


The OMNIS NIR Analyser series consists of modern, Swiss-made laboratory instruments for quality control of liquid, viscous, and solid samples in a few seconds
Good vibes in your lab: State-of-the-art near-infrared spectrometer for easier, faster, and more efficient quality control and routine screening.


Clean solutions for the highest demands

JUMO with a broad portfolio at the "Lounges" trade fair (April 23 to 25, 2024 / DM-Arena, booth C1.2) in Karlsruhe / From sensor to cloud
Precise control, effective automation and seamless data analysis are the most important challenges in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries



Certified with the
General Purpose Approval


The continuous online
measurement of pollutants in the air

with the GO-Mini-ATC enables the detection limit of 1 ppb for hydrocarbon measurement

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Sample preparation -
The chain must agree


The Online Analysis System
Type 8905 is a compact and modular system for monitoring all important water parameters on
one platform

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is the leading partner in fluid control systems for liquids and gases.




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Produktprogramm Hellma Analytics

Innovative Concepts for Fibre-optical
Immersion Probes and Flow Cells for
Process Analytical Technology (PAT)


We provide laboratory and consultancy services in the divisions


AMS 3211-600
This ZrO2 flue gas probe is designed for process applications with temperatures of up to 1750 °C.


The Technology Leader in Elemental Analysis and Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry


Process Analysers Online,
Atline, Inline

Metrohm Process Analytics has over 40 years of experience with online process analysis.
From single-parameter analyzers to the most advanced multiparameter
Ex Proof Analyzer for the most hazardous environments.

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BASF at UTECH 2024: Ready for the circular economy with sustainable recycling solutions for polyurethanes

Sustainability meets comfort: BASF develops recyclable PU flexible foam - Vitra uses recyclable foam in first furniture pieces - Chemical recycling of PU rigid foam systems from old refrigerators


Recovering valuable metals in Schwarzheide: BASF has started prototype metal refinery for battery recycling

Innovative technology extracts lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese and copper from end-of-life lithium-ion batteries and battery production scrap - Plant represents further milestone in building Europe’s first co-located center of battery material production and battery recycling in Schwarzheide


Bayer Aims to Launch First Bioinsecticide for Arable Crops
Via new agreement with AlphaBio Control, Bayer gains exclusive rights to market the first ever biological insecticide which will help farmers control pests in arable crops / Product is expected to launch in 2028


Siemens opens its largest global research hub north of Munich

More than €100 million investment
for new Siemens Technology Center in Garching strengthens cutting-edge research and bolsters Germany’s innovation strength -
Open research
and innovation ecosystem fosters collaboration with the Technical University of Munich (TUM), international research institutes and leading companies -
Building complex
meets the highest sustainability standards -
on industrial artificial intelligence research supports Siemens’ leading position


Origo Solutions signs a multi million-Euro agreement with Equinor
Origo Solutions, Norwegian subsidiary of HIMA Group, has been awarded a new framework agreement by Equinor for the delivery of Safety and Automation Systems as well as related engineering and services.


Bayer and Trinity Agtech join forces to drive regenerative practices in agriculture
Bayer’s European Carbon Initiative enables farmers, food processors and retailers to achieve carbon commitments and implement regenerative agriculture practices. By 2025, Bayer expects to significantly increase the number of food and ag value chain projects and the number of participating farmers / Trinity Agtech’s Sandy platform delivers a trusted and distinctive natural capital navigation capability for carbon and sustainability impact management and supports farmers in managing their environmental sustainability,


2023 Annual Repor

We operate in two divisions with a clear focus on the Life-Science-Industry : Bio Procee Solutions with life science customers


Growing interest in green and blue ammonia for energy imports: techno-economic studies by thyssenkrupp Uhde for potential cumulative global production of over 30 million tpa
thyssenkrupp Uhde’s competence center for green ammonia in Australia supports a broad variety of customers with techno-economic studies and optimization concepts. In total, the studies already conducted would amount to a potential increase of the global production capacity by around 30 million tpa (tons per annum) of green ammonia. To produce the required green hydrogen, electrolyzers with more than 45 gigawatts would need to be installed with varying power supply configurations


HIMA Group acquires Origo Solutions
Expansion of Process Safety in Scandinavia Digital solutions for renewable energies

The HIMA Group, leading provider of safety-related automation solutions and headquartered in Germany, has acquired the Norwegian technology company Origo Solutions.
With this transaction, both companies intend to continue their growth strategies and expand their range of solutions for the process industry and renewable energies. Main focus here is the digitalisation of functional safety, which HIMA is pushing under the motto "Safety goes digital".


Sartorius expects profitable growth in 2024; doubledigit annual sales revenue growth projected through to 2028n

Preliminary 2023 results in line with forecast: sales revenue in constant currencies down 16.6 percent; underlying EBITDA margin of 28.3 percent - Demand recovery in both divisions in the fourth quarter: order intake slightly higher than sales revenue - 2024 guidance: group aims to increase sales revenue in mid to high single-digit percentage range with an underlying profit margin of slightly more than 30 percent


BASF and Inditex make a breakthrough in textile-to-textile recycling with loopamid, the first circular nylon 6 entirely based on textile waste
The technology behind loopamid enables recycling of polyamide 6 discarded textiles into new, virgin-quality synthetic fibers and materials


AI has the potential to close control loops
Whether in laser material processing, additive manufacturing and repair processes, laser weed control or the automated design of optical systems: Artificial intelligence has enormous, sometimes disruptive potential in photonics


Bayer aims to sustainably improve performance with new organization
New operating model aims to reduce hierarchies, eliminate bureaucracy and accelerate decision-making processes / Joint declaration: No compulsory redundancies until the end of 2026, future concept for Bayer in Germany confirmed



GMP Compliant Cell Culture Medium Streamlines API Manufacture
StemFit™ Basic04 CT is designed to improve the growth and pluripotency of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) and meet the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)



High throughput decapping and recapping of tube racks..
IntelliXcap™ Automated Septum Cap Decapper/Recapper
from Azenta Life Sciences is a precision tube decapping / recapping instrument for use within high-throughput environments such as in biobanking, compound libraries, and other storage applications


Fluidic application optimized degassers

The DEGASi® range of inline degassers from Biotech Fluidics employ a Systec® AF gas permeable membrane with a constant vacuum degassing system to enable unmatched removal of dissolved gases from almost any fluidic process



Sensitive HPLC Refractive Index Detector

Designed with touch panel screen and a highly intuitive user interface – Biotech Fluidics REFRACTiMASTER® is a next generation refractive index detector purpose built for modern HPLC analysis



Regulatory Compliant Tissue Microarrays
These high-quality tissue microarrays (TMAs) enable high-throughput analysis of a panel of tissue types recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA)


Rapid retrieval of whole tissue samples
The 48-position Ziath Mohawk tube picker
from Azenta Life Sciences selects and picks wide, heavy, or tall tubes making this system perfect for retrieving individual whole tissue samples from storage.


EPIQ: A Quantum Supercomputer Made in NRW
The Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC) at Forschungszentrum Jülich and the Siegen-based start-up eleQtron are together building a globally unique modular supercomputer consisting of a quantum module and a classical digital module. The project is called EPIQ and is based on a development partnership for a trapped-ion quantum computer in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). eleQtron is developing a trapped-ion quantum computer whose qubits perform calculations using a revolutionary microwave control system invented at the University of Siegen.


Expansion of Jülich’s Quantum Computer Infrastructure
The Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC) has acquired a 5-qubit quantum system from the German–Finnish manufacturer IQM Quantum Computers. The IQM Spark quantum computer is scheduled to go into operation in July 2024 as part of Jülich’s JUNIQ quantum computing infrastructure and will be connected to JSC’s classical supercomputers


Highly consistent collagen fibre scaffold for 3D cell culture

Produced using a patented dry-spinning technology - CollaFibR from AMSBIO is a highly consistent collagen fibre matrix that closely mimics the biomechanical and biochemical properties of natural collagen scaffolds, offering a highly accurate representation of in-vivo conditions


Reliable automated removal of microplate seals
The Automated Plate Seal Remover from Azenta Life Sciences is the ideal product for labs faced with repetitively removing microplate seals while preserving sample integrity.


Scalable flow method yields enantiomerically pure pharmaceutical intermediates

Employing a FlowSyn continuous flow reactor and binary pump
in a custom set-up the researchers developed a new flow process which circumvented the risks associated with the high temperature and pressure required, and the highly volatile nature of the epoxide starting material



TrustLLM Project Started
The EU project TrustLLM was officially launched on 20-21 November. In the next three years, the project will create a new generation of large language models with improved accessibility, reliability, and mitigated negative effects such as hallucinations and bias. The consortium has a focus on northern Europe. For example, AI Sweden, located in Stockholm, is a project partner that has created the LLM GPT-SWE, the strongest model in the Swedish language to date


Compact navigation systems for unmanned drones of
the future
When Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones are used to survey industrial
buildings, map terrain, or transport cargo for the logistics sector, they need to be as lightweight as possible, but carry the greatest possible payload.


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