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Titan Bridges Troubled Waters For Flow Meter Installation

Titan Enterprises have released video tutorials illustrating correct wiring of their pulse precision flow measurement devices to support customers with the installation of flow meters into their applications


Remote Cell Enables UV Measurement of Industrial Processes
A remote cell version of its Rapid Scanning UV Detector kit allowing this elegant OEM technology to be integrated into a wider range of industrial applications.


Flow Measurement Devices Integral to Smart Water Metering Systems

Global manufacturer of water-use appliances, Miele states: “Water intake is measured and controlled extremely precisely using a precision flowmeter. This helps to save water, making it extremely economical and environmentally friendly”.



Accurate, Reliable Measurement of Protein Concentration & Total Mass
The HK Series Differential Refractive Index (DRI) detector is being used to provide accurate and reliable measurement of the absolute concentration and total mass of protein in a sample.



An All-rounder for spectroscopic online measurements
»Excalibur HD FCP« flow cell for the demanding process environment


System Performance Qualification -
Removing Uncertainty from Your Results

TESTA Analytical Solutions offers Performance Qualification Services
for all Particle Size and Zeta Potential Instruments from Brookhaven Instruments plus the complete range of its own GPC/SEC systems and detector modules




Certified with the
General Purpose Approval


The continuous online
measurement of pollutants in the air

with the GO-Mini-ATC enables the detection limit of 1 ppb for hydrocarbon measurement

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Sample preparation -
The chain must agree


The Online Analysis System
Type 8905 is a compact and modular system for monitoring all important water parameters on
one platform

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is the leading partner in fluid control systems for liquids and gases.




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Produktprogramm Hellma Analytics

Innovative Concepts for Fibre-optical
Immersion Probes and Flow Cells for
Process Analytical Technology (PAT)


We provide laboratory and consultancy services in the divisions


AMS 3211-600
This ZrO2 flue gas probe is designed for process applications with temperatures of up to 1750 °C.


The Technology Leader in Elemental Analysis and Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry


Process Analysers Online,
Atline, Inline

Metrohm Process Analytics has over 40 years of experience with online process analysis.
From single-parameter analyzers to the most advanced multiparameter
Ex Proof Analyzer for the most hazardous environments.

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The Laser of Tomorrow: Ultra-Fast, Ultra-Precise and Digital

The LASER World of PHOTONICS Industry Days took place from June 21 to 24,
2021. With this online event, Messe München – organizer of the world's largest
trade show for applied laser technology and photonics – offered its community
a high-quality program including market overviews, trend analyses and panel


The washing machine touch display of the future : Researchers develop shape-adapted controls

In the research project "CoMoDo" (Communication Module Inside Door), the
technologies and processes needed for modern operating and display systems
were researched and developed using washing machines as an example.


APPLAUSE for low-cost manufacturing of photonics optics and electronics

Advanced packaging - complex assembly and interconnection technology for semiconductor components - has emerged as an essential technology for the integration of photonics, optics and electronics.


BASF expands chemical catalyst recycling capacity and capability erweitert Kapazität und Fähigkeit zum Recycling von Chemiekatalysatoren

The site recycles precious metals from industrial scrap, primarily chemical catalysts,



New battery recycling prototype plant in Schwarzheide, Germany
Use of innovative technology for extractinglithium,nickel, cobalt and manganese from end-of-life lithium-ion batteriesand production scrap



New iPSC Model for COVID-19

AMSBIO invite the global research community to the 2021 annual meeting of the ISSCR, the leading professional organization of stem cell scientists, to discover how iPSCs and organoids can be used in COVID-19 drug discovery research.


Devastating Water Leak Drives Move to Improve Sustainability
The Maulide Group at the University of Vienna (Austria) describe how a devastating water leak in a nearby chemistry laboratory prompted them to search for alternative, water-free, options to Liebig condensers for refluxing.


Hamilton is presenting the new Sensor CO2NTROL on June 16 at ACHEMA PULSE

This product represents a new and unique approach to DCO2 measurement in bioreactors. In contrast to electrochemical DCO2 sensors, the new solid-state sensor uses an optical measurement principle.



Digitalisation in process temperature control

Remote monitoring, support and digital process-optimisation in the temperature control of food processes.
Temperature control. systems which operate for 24 hours per day must record the core parameters over the entire production process to comply with the regulations of hygiene and traceability.




Developing a Cell Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease
Its main features include motor symptoms such as bradykinesia, rigidity, resting tremor, and postural instability, though non-motor symptoms are often also present amongst other things


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