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Remote Cell Enables UV Measurement of Industrial Processes
A remote cell version of its Rapid Scanning UV Detector kit allowing this elegant OEM technology to be integrated into a wider range of industrial applications.






Flow Measurement Devices Integral to Smart Water Metering Systems

Global manufacturer of water-use appliances, Miele states: “Water intake is measured and controlled extremely precisely using a precision flowmeter. This helps to save water, making it extremely economical and environmentally friendly”.





Accurate, Reliable Measurement of Protein Concentration & Total Mass
The HK Series Differential Refractive Index (DRI) detector is being used to provide accurate and reliable measurement of the absolute concentration and total mass of protein in a sample.



An All-rounder for spectroscopic online measurements
»Excalibur HD FCP« flow cell for the demanding process environment





System Performance Qualification -
Removing Uncertainty from Your Results

TESTA Analytical Solutions offers Performance Qualification Services
for all Particle Size and Zeta Potential Instruments from Brookhaven Instruments plus the complete range of its own GPC/SEC systems and detector modules



Refrigerant Flow Sensors Help Keep Data Storage Cool 

Reliable flow monitoring
of refrigerant liquids is a vital requirement for cooling equipment used in data centre facilities






Mass Spectrometry Structural Analysis of Fluoroelastomers

Because of their excellent heat,
chemical and abrasion resistance - fluoropolymers are widely used in automotive parts and many other industrial products





Photosynthesis of Chiral Building Blocks for Drug Discovery
A new white paper, written by scientists at Liverpool ChiroChem (LCC), describes how the Asynt Illumin8 parallel photoreactor is being used to synthesise a range of new 2-Aryl N-Heterocyclest hat play their part in small molecule drug discovery.


OXYTRANS M is a portable, optical oxygen sensor for measurement of O2

For continuous measurement of dissolved oxygen in liquids and gases


LiquiSonic® 40-40 immersion sensor certified for hazardous areas

The leading provider of systems for the analysis and optimization of process in liquids




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