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Three Steps to Successful Process Analytics : Measurment - Analysing - Evaluation
- all in-one-solution based on online-spectrometer, analyser software PEAXACT and process know how -


S-PACT Process Analyzers combine what is meant to be together:

Measuring and Data Aanalysis Systems

Analyzer Apps for smart process analytics

Analyzer Apps are Apps for spectroscopic sensors - a tailored configuration of analysis software and automation for real-time process monitoring.

Analyzer Apps measure substantiell product properties like concentration, conversion, content, proportions, color, ... essential information about modern production processes. Analyzer Apps turn the sensor into a smart Process Analyzer.

Aqueous Process Analyzer

Sectors: Chemicals, Biotech, Food & Agro
Parameters: Product + substrate concentration, by-products
Technology: Raman, MIR

Color Process Analyzer

Sector: Chemicals, Pharma, Food & Agro, Life Sciences
Parameters: Colour Index, colour spectrum
Technology: UV-VIS, fluorescence

Surface Process Analyzer

Sectors: Polymers, Pharma, Inorganics, Raw Materials
Parameters: Surface structure, adsorbates, coating quality
Technology: Raman, NIR

Aromatics Process Analyzer

Sectors: Chemicals, Raw Materials, Polymers, Water
Parameters: BTEX content (benzene etc.), PAH (tars etc.)
Technology: Raman, UV-VIS

Olefin Process Analyzer

Sectors: Polymers, Raw Materials, Chemicals
Parameters: ethylene content, C4 isomers ratio, bromine/iodine index
Technology: Raman, UV-VIS

Crystallization Process Analyzer

Sectors: Pharma, Polymers, Inorganics, Life Sciences, Food & Agro
Parameters: mother liquor composition, particle content, polymorph ratio
Technology: Raman, MIR, NIR

Distillation Process Analyzer

Sectors: Chemicals, Raw Materials, Polymers
Parameters: mixture composition, purity
: MIR, UV-VIS, Raman

Hydrogenation Process Analyzer

Sectors: Chemicals, Pharma, Food & Agro, Life Sciences
Parameters: residual hydrogen and olefin, bromine/iodine index
Technology: Raman, MIR

Fermentation Process Analyzer

Sectors: Biotech, Pharma, Food & Agro, Life Sciences, Water
Parameters: metabolite content, biomass content, suspended matter
Technology: Raman, MIR, NIR, fluorescence

Polymorph Process Analyzer

Sectors: Pharma, Inorganics, Food & Agro, Polymers
Parameters: polymorph ratio, transmodifications
Technology: Raman:

Polymerization Process Analyzer

Sectros: Polymers, Chemicals, Raw Materials
Parameters: residual monomer, n/iso ratio, tacticity
Technology: Raman, MIR

High Pressure Analyzer

Sectors: Chemicals, Polymers, Raw Materials
Parameters: conversion, H2/CO excess, adsorbate density
Technology: MIR, Raman

Continuous-Flow Process Analyzer

Sectors: Chemicals, Pharma, Life Sciences, Water
Parameters: substrate/product concentration, conversion
Technology: MIR, Raman



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