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Special Reports Rubric : system components / sample conditioning

Rubrics : gas analytics - liquid analytics - auxiliary units/sample conditioning
The specialist for level and temperature control, cooling and analytical techniques.

Bühler Technologies presents a considerably larger product line
at Achema
hall 11.0 booth A43

- for use in explosive areas -


The previously quite large range of sample gas probes now also includes models for zones 1+2,
both with ATEX and IECEx approval.
Process streams in this dangerous environment with low to moderate particle concentration as well as those with high dust loads will benefit from the easy filter change or the particularly efficient blowback system of in-situ filters. Both reduce maintenance in these critical areas of use considerably.

New gas coolers

Completely redesigned
The range of gas coolers was completely redesigned and tailored even more selectively to the application-specific performance requirements. Compressor cooling systems are an option for higher output ranges, and cooling blocks equipped with Peltier elements for lower ranges.

These coolers still feature plug-in heat exchanges with one or two gas paths in different materials. Optimised heat exchanger combinations with reduced washout have been added.

The gas cooler product range offers solutions for zones 1+ 2 with ATEX and IECEx approval as well as class1 DIV2 for the US market.

Peristaltic pumps for zone 1

Powerfull small pumps

The company offers special sample gas pumps with flow rates appropriate for the system to complete the gas condition range.
Depending on the installation type and protection class these pumps are available with and without housing or for separate pump head and motor installation, e.g. for heated or flushed blowback systems.
The product range also includes a large range of options for discharging condensate occurring in sample gas conditioning. These peristaltic pumps are also available with double head, as well as with and without housing depending on the application.
Both sample gas pumps as well as condensate pumps are available for different protection classes per ATEX, IECEx or…


Measuring probes for zone 2

Portable Probes and Gas Conditioning Systems
In addition to stationary analysers, gas analysis for monitoring emissions also uses portable methods.
The actual measuring task determines the complexity of the sampling and gas conditioning units and analysers. Since not all control points are easy to access, operators are interested in suitable and light equipment with a small packing size.
Even under these premises, extracting the sample gas must meet high standards to ensure the measurements are reliable.

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