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VITRIOX® with New Touch Display

We’ve started 2016 with an innovation for the VITRIOX electrical fusion machine. The new Touch Display enables simple operation due to intuitive and straightforward software. Additional features include the ability to set up various languages, a web server and an energy saving mode




NEW: VANEOX® 15 t Press

Our new VANEOX Press has a pressing power of up to 15 t and is the ideal complement to benchtop XRF instruments. The clever construction combines quality workmanship with an attractive price. There are two lever positions that can be used to exert the pressure in two different ways



VANEOX® 40 t Press with Touch Display

Our automatic VANEOX 40 t Press has also been provided with a new feature: The new Touch Display simplifies operation and enables storage of up to 10 programs. Here too it is possible to set up multiple languages and connect to a web server.




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