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Renewable jet fuel from air

May 2019                                                          

On Friday May 24, 2019,
Rotterdam The Hague Airport and a European consortium led by EDL Anlagenbau Gesellschaft mbH signed a cooperation agreement for a study, which aims at developing a demonstration plant that produces renewable jet fuel from air.
This plant aims to be the first worldwide to offer renewable jet fuel from air to the market. Compared to conventional fossil-based jet fuels, renewable jet fuel from air has a significantly lower carbon footprint and fine particles emission. This project thus demonstrates a significant step towards a carbon-neutral aviation industry.





















The path towards production of renewable jet fuel from air

The demonstration plant
Following the study, a demonstration plant is to be realized and commissioned on the premises of the airport, producing about 1’000 liters of renewable jet fuel per day. This would be the first time ever that renewable jet fuel from air production exceeds laboratory scale of a few liters per day.

The technology
A series of highly innovative, but proven technologies are linked to each other to achieve this: First, CO2 is captured from ambient air by Climeworks’ direct air capture technology. The gas is subsequently transformed into syngas through electrolysis, using electrolyser cells developed by Sunfire.

Then, the syngas is turned into synthetic hydrocarbons by means of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, enabled by Ineratec. Finally, EDL takes care of the process to convert synthetic hydrocarbons into jet fuel and of the overall process and plant integration. The entire process runs sustainably, thanks to renewable energy, preferably produced on site from the airport’s solar panels.
SkyNRG, the global market leader for sustainable aviation Fuel solutions, is in this project responsible for the commercialization strategy. 

The first potential customer has also announced itself. Transavia has committed itself to the plan and indicated it intends to reduce its CO2 exhaust with renewable fuel from air in the future.

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