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Special Reports Rubric : particle analytics

Rubrics: liquid analytics - solid analytics - particle analytics - control technology - auxiliary units/sample conditioning - service provider
Analytical systems for the measurement of elemental concentrations, crystallographic and molecular structure, rheological properties and for the characterisation of particles

The new Zetasizer® Pro and Ultra systems

- improvements in the quality and speed of particle size, molecule size and zeta potential measurements -

November 2018

The new Zetasizer Pro and Ultra light-scattering solutions
for revolutionary nanoparticle and molecule analysis

The new Zetasizer® Pro and Ultra systems
Malvern Panalytical has unveiled its new Zetasizer® Pro and Ultra systems, designed to increase confidence in decision-making within key analytical workflows associated with product development and quality control.
These new flagship instruments deliver significant improvements in the quality and speed of particle size, molecule size and zeta potential measurements, using the techniques of dynamic and electrophoretic light scattering.


Software and analysis capabilities
The Zetasizer Pro and Ultra systems are controlled by groundbreaking ZS Xplorer software, introducing new sample-centric workflows which make method design and data analysis more straightforward for new users, while preserving full accessibility for users experienced in the application of light scattering methods. New analysis capabilities answer, for the first time, key issues associated with the presence of dust or aggregates when applying dynamic light scattering for particle and molecular characterization

Multi-Angle Dynamic Light ScatteringMADLS®) technology
A key differentiator of the Zetasizer Ultra is its patented Multi-Angle Dynamic Light ScatteringMADLS®) technology, which automates multiple-angle size measurements, providing higher resolution and more complete particle size distributions. MADLS also enables calibration-free particle concentration analysis for a wide range of materials, resolving the individual concentrations of different size populations.

For more information about the Zetasizer Pro and Zetasizer Ultra please contact Malvern Panalytical,
or visit www.malvernpanalytical.com/zetasizer

.Pavel Abdulkin, Head of Particle Works, Blacktrace Holdings Ltd., which develops and manufactures high performance nanoparticles and microparticles, was clear about the impact of the new technology on his work:
“The Zetasizer Ultra has dramatically increased our sample throughput, enabling us to accelerate our
particle development cycle from 12 months to around a month.”

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