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OPTISONIC 4400: New ultrasonic flowmeter for elevated process temperature and pressure

- It is available in two versions: high temperature (HT) and high pressure (HP).-

Duisburg, 11. September 2017

  • Inline 2-path ultrasonic flowmeter in high temperature (HT) and high pressure (HP) versions
  • OPTISONIC 4400 HT for up to 600°C/ 1112°F, e.g. in concentrated solar power plants (CSP), oil refineries or coal fired thermal power plants
  • OPTISONIC 4400 HP for up to 490 bar/ 7107, e.g. oil and gas well injection or processing of (petro)chemical products

New ultrasonic flowmeter OPTISONIC 4400
for liquids is available in two versions: high pressure HP (two left) and
high temperature HT (right)
With the new OPTISONIC 4400,
KROHNE introduces an inline 2-path ultrasonic flowmeter for flow measurement at elevated process temperature and pressure. It is available in two versions: high temperature (HT) and high pressure (HP).

The features
With a full bore/unobstructed sensor tube and their large dynamic range, both OPTISONIC 4400 versions feature an excellent long term stability and perform with minimum operational and maintenance costs.

The dual parallel path design provides information about the flow profile and can also compensate for varying flow profiles. The rugged and fully welded construction without moving parts is complemented by protected cables that are insensitive to electrical interference and/or environmental conditions.
Wet calibration is standard for both versions. OPTISONIC 4400 features HART 7, PROFIBUS PA/DP, Modbus RS485 and Foundation Fieldbus communication (NAMUR NE 107 compliant).

include e.g. redundant designs for safety applications with complete separation of electronics. Next to 4…20mA outputs,

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