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Rubrics : systemkomponenten / sample conditioning
By using our advanced degassers, the laboratory is able to optimize the performance of its analytical instruments and chromatographic equipment. Our degassing solutions save the industry both time and money by avoiding production disruptions caused by bubbles in the fluidic lines.





Smart solvent recycler improves sustainability

Not only does SmartSaver improve the sustainability of your lab, but it also quickly pays for itself through enabling you to recycle almost all the solvent used by your isocratic HPLC system.


Real-time monitoring of nanolitre fluid flows
At the heart of the Biotech Micro Flow Meter is a high-resolution thermal flow sensor that is extremely accurate and sensitive. The Micro Flow Meter is compatible with almost any solvent and being non-invasive guarantees the unperturbed operation of your whole fluidic system.


Non-invasive device for monitoring ultra-low fluid flows

Optimized to operate over the 100nl to 80 µL/minute flow range, with an unmatched high resolution of 1nl / minute, the Micro Flow Meter is the perfect tool for monitoring the consistency of UHPLC, LC/MS, high precision flow cytometry and micro- / nanoscale fluidics applications.


Expanded range of real-time liquid flowmeters

Operating over the flow range 0.01 to 80 µL per minute, with a resolution of 1nl per minute, the Biotech Micro Flow Meter is the perfect tool for precise monitoring of extremely low flow rates such as are encountered in UHPLC, LC/MS and micro- / nanoscale bioprocessing applications.


Reliable, high-performance connections for UHPLC instruments

Biotech Fluidics has published a practical review paper that demonstrates how its MarvelX™ and MarvelXACT™ high pressure fluidic connections enable users to achieve reliable, repeatable, and consistent UHPLC performance. In this paper, fluidic experts explore the connection challenges facing users of modern UHPLC instruments. 

Improving the performance of SPR instruments
Surface Plasmon Resonance is the ‘go to’ technique for the measurement of molecular interactions in fluidics including serum, saliva, and organic solvents. SPR technology beneficially allows evaluation of affinity and kinetics of molecular binding reactions without the burdens of labelling as the technique is label-free - July 2023

Biotech- Removing bubble trouble from micro and nanofluidic systemsn
In most micro- and nanofluidic systems, the formation and accumulation of air or gas bubbles can be severely detrimental to their operation. Once a bubble is generated, it is also extremely difficult to remove. The presence of bubbles can cause aggregation problems with particles or proteins, can damage chemical functionalization of surfaces, and in cell culture, bubbles can lead to cellular death. - June 2023

Inline degasser for high flow rate applications
With this impressive device, you can efficiently remove dissolved gases and even bubbles from organic solvents or aggressive aqueous solutions at liquid flow rates of up to 150 mL / minute. The DEGASI Prep+ is offered as a standalone unit in configurations operating from 1 to 4 channels of high throughput degassing - May 2023

Regulatory compliant flexible plastic tubing
Biotech Fluidics has launched a new range of traceable, certified PEEK and fluoropolymer flexible tubing for use in regulated environments -
April 2023

Torque-limiting fitting provides perfect tubing assembly connection
Benefiting from a torque limiting design feature - Intuitive™ fittings provide a haptic “click” feedback when they reach the optimum torque, assuring a perfect connection every time. This unique, patented feature ensures the high reproducibility and reliability of your connections and eliminates the risk of over- or under tightening - April 2023

Sensitive HPLC refractive Index detector
Biotech Fluidics announce REFRACTiMASTER® - a new HPLC refractive index (RI) detector suitable for detecting compounds with little or no UV activity including simple sugars, complex carbohydrates, alcohols, fatty acids, and polymers - March 2023

Compact modular detectors for biomolecular applications
Based upon fixed wavelength LED light sources with a lifetime of more than 5000 hours, power consumption below 2.5 watts, and start-up within seconds, Runge Mikron detectors are ideal for incorporation into portable field instruments and online monitoring devices - February 2023




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