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Rubric : service provider
The HWI group is a comprehensive service provider which covers the entire life cycle of medicinal products, medical devices and other related products.

  HWI Campus – Your gate to Europe for EU batch release and pharmacovigilance activities - September 2018

... The Brexit and Strategies for Companies from non-EU countries
Following the Brexit, the United Kingdom (U.K.) will become a “Third country”. From March 30th 2019 marketing authorisation holders based in the U.K. will need to have a registered office and/or a manufacturing site with a corresponding manufacturing authorisation in the EU/EEA - ..

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  Mass spectrometric applications in pharmaceutical quality control - HWI group experts are developing appropriate methods for each type of molecule   and question


Juni 2018

Advanced mass spectrometric applications for performing qualitative and quantitative analysis of small molecules are of great interest over the last years.
The combination of high sensitivity and selectivity, which are requested by official bodies, has driven this information-rich technology to an essential tool in pharmaceutical analysis ...

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