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Rubrics: gas analytics - liquid analytics - solid analytics - control technology
The experts for mobile instruments : XRF - NIR - FTIR - Raman-spectrometry


  Portable analysers and process analysis for fast and precise on-site analyses - with improved cooling subsystem and significantly reduced readout noise

November 12, 2014

analyticon instruments presents handheld spectrometers at the

EUROTIER 2014 and

PharmaLab 2014

  • handheld Raman-spectrometer TruScan RM 
    Measurements are non-destructive and are even possible through transparent glass or plastic packages, thus minimising risk of contamination for users and materials.
  • portable Raman-spectrometer RapID
    The next generation of portable Raman-spectrometer for raw material indentification (RMID): measurements through HDPE-container, polyethylen-bigbags a.s.o.
  • Raman-spectrometer (transmission-Raman) TRS100
    Content uniformity tests fast, simple and efficient
  • handheld NIR-spectrometer microPHAZIR RX
    Classic measurement method as handheld instrument : it is able to measure through transparent packages, identification of chemicals and raw materials of incomming goods and during production









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