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Rubrics :liquid analytics - solid analytics - particle analytics - auxiliary units/ sample conditioning
scientific instruments for Spectroscopy, Spectral Imaging, Remote Sensing, Particle Characterisation, High Shear Homogenisation, Continuous Flow Chemical Reactors, Light Measurement

Highly Accurate Physicochemical Characterisation of Small Nanoparticles
Nanoparticles of 5 nm diameter or smaller are gaining attention in the field of nanomedicine in contrast to larger particles, these nanomaterials offer improved tissue penetration, a reduced accumulation in the liver - May 2021

Hyperspectral Sensor for High-Resolution Crop Photosynthesis Measurements
The award-winning Hyperspec® Solar Induced Fluorescence (SIF) imaging sensor from Analytik is ideal for remote sensing, particularly plant and crop photosynthesis and climatology applications where high-resolution chlorophyll fluorescence measurements are vital. - April 2021

Rapid Assessment of the Stability of Colloids & Dispersions
The Stabino® II from Analytik is a fast and easy-to-operate zeta potential instrument for analysing and optimising the stability of colloids and dispersions, based on measurement of streaming potentia - April 2021

Video Guide to Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging 
A new video that provides an informative introduction to the collection and processing of information from across different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum using an aerial vehicle, such as a drone.- January 2021

Multisensor Plant Phenotyping System
Configurable with a wide range of sensors, the new HyperAixpert multisensor plant phenotyping system from Analytik draws upon advanced machine-learning based analytical software with an intuitive experiment driven design to ensure that your data acquisition is both standardised and repeatable - October 2020

Analytik Launch Temperature Controlled 3D Bioprinter
The BioScaffolder Prime is a new affordable high-performance 3D bioprinter which delivers precision engineering in an advanced, customisable platform -
September 2020

Immune Responsive Nanoparticles for COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery
The renowned Quadram Institute (Norwich, UK) has invested in a ZetaView Nanoparticle Tracking Analyser to help them develop a new approach for vaccine delivery based on engineering the natural ability of resident gut bacteria to generate nanoparticle sized Outer Membrane Vesicles (OMVs).-
July 2020

Ultra-High-Resolution Particle Characterisation - Do you know the real size of your nanoparticles? - Januar 2020













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