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Rubrics: physical parameter - auxiliary units/sample conditioning - service provider
Industry leader in the design and manufacture of liquid handling, process analytics, robotics and automated storage solutions - sensors for pH and conductivity measurement and for dissolved Oxygen, columns for HPLC - calibration and validation


Hamilton Offers In-Depth Exploration of DSP Operation Units CPPs with New White Paper

Hamilton has just released a comprehensive new white paper, “Biopharma PAT:Downstream Critical Process Parameters.” This whitepaper serves as a powerful resource for biopharma manufacturers seeking to design efficient and robust DSP processes and ensure product quality, safety, and efficacy in biopharmaceutical production.

Hamilton looks back on a year full of innovations/span>
Innovations in dissolved oxygen and total cell density measurement in bioreactors - January 2023
A New Age of Dissolved Oxygen Measurement
Building on a foundation of continuous innovation, Hamilton Company has released the next generation of VisiFermTM and VisiTraceTM optical dissolved oxygen sensors.- September 2022
A new generation of in-line total cell density measurement in bioprocesses
Unlike the conventional measurement method of total cell density, where only the transmitted light is measured, Hamilton has taken the measurement technology to the next level and combined the advantages of transmission and reflection measurement.- April 2022
Real Time Viable Cell Density Measurement for Bioprocess Monitoring
The launch of its new software “ArcAir Data Modeling” – AADM – that precisely correlates in-line measurement data from Hamilton’s Incyte Arc sensor with off-line viable cell counts over the complete duration of the run.- December 2021
10 years of Arc technology
10 years ago, Hamilton Bonaduz AG revolutionized the best way to continuously monitor and control bioprocesses - August 2021
The next generation of its ArcAir sensor management software - Full GMP compliance including electronic signatures - PR January 2019

 High-end sensors for algae cultivation at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) - Hamilton Bonaduz concludes the algae cultivation research program with the university lab - May 2016

The Swiss company Hamilton Bonaduz AG
concluded recently another successful project in collaboration with the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT). Especially, the dissolved oxygen sensor VisiFerm DO and the pH sensors of the Polilyte Plus family are used in the algae cultivation research program of the institute.














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