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Rubrics : liquid analytics - particle analytics - service provider
Innovative concepts for fibre-optical immersion probes and flow cells for process analytical technology (PAT)
- proven usability in chemical and petrochemical industry, pharmacy, life science, beverages and food -


Successful Innovation Partnership with Sartorius

Development of a flow cell for process control in the production of biopharmaceuticals - The use of spectroscopic analysis methods for monitoring critical process steps is becoming increasingly important in a growing number of applications in the manufacturing industry. In highly regulated areas of application, such as pharmaceuticals, the required standards for optical measurement components in terms of quality, consideration of GMP guidelines and reproducibility can therefore often not be met with conventional manufacturing processes. This is also true for the production of biopharmaceutical active ingredients

An All-rounder for spectroscopic online measurements »Excalibur HD FCP« flow cell for the demanding process environment - June 2021

The Hellma Group is acquiring the business of Axiom Analytical Inc. -The   acquisition of the assets of Axiom Analytical Inc. is are a perfect match -
 February 2016


Dr. Mike Doyle co-founder of Axiom Analytical Inc. said

“The Hellma Group and Axiom Analytical are a perfect match. The combination will enable on the one hand the strategic expansion of our business and the continuation of the past decades’ successful activities. On the other hand, customers all over the world will now have access to products and know-how from the two strongest companies within this market. This is truly unique and will create major synergies.” ...


  The world´s first 3-A-certified UV/Vis/NIR immersion probe - efficient control of production processes in food and beverage industries - July 2015


Hygiene requirements are becoming increasingly strict for production processes, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries. 3-A certification is an established hygiene standard in the USA.

Process control
• Monitoring of colorants and flavoring agents
• Disinfectant management
• Phase separation
• Separator management













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