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Rubrics : physical parameter
Innovative instruments in the area of non contact temperature measurement through
infrared radiation - Pyrometers (portable and industrial stationary thermometers) as well as thermal imagers.

20 years of safe infrared temperature measurement
Two decades of innovation in infrared: Since 2003, Berlin-based Optris GmbH has been taking care of accurate, reliable and non-contact temperature meas-urement in many different industries and research .In the meantime, customers from all over the world rely on the infrared thermometers and thermal imaging cameras - April 2023

Ratio pyrometer for high temperatures
A range from 300 °C to 3000 °C: With the new CSvision series of ratio pyrometers from Berlin-based infrared specialist Optris, it is possible to measure the tem-perature of metals, melts or ceramics non-contact, safely and reliably from dif-ferent distances .- March 2023

New outdoor protective housing from Optris
High or very low temperatures, humidity and dust - such environmental conditions pose great challenges for electronics. In order to be able to use sensitive devices without problems, protective measures are usually necessary. In order to be able to use the infrared cameras of the PI and Xi series, for example, even under adverse conditions - October 2022

High-speed pyrometer CT 4M from Optris
Very fast processes : plastics processing ma-chinery, such as those used for blow-molding PET bottles, monitoring of rail vehicles, where the tempera-ture of the wheelset bearings are measured as the train wheels pass the pyrometer - January 2021

Temperature measurement on ultra-thin glas
Optris CTlaser G7 infrared thermometer measures up to 1,200 °C particularily important for touch displays, such as for smartphones and tablets - December 2019

Compact infrared camera for laser machining processes
Measure temperatures of up to 1900 °C with the optris PI 08M - December 2019

Operate IR cameras and pyrometers easily with your smartphone
Optris IRmobile App for Android smartphones and tablets - December 2019

Compact spot finder IR camera - Autonomous operation with automatic spot finder function

Optris introduces
its innovations optris Xi 80 and optris Xi 400 at the SPS trade fair. The two temperature measurement devices combine the benefits of infrared cameras and infrared thermometers. “With the Xi series, we are launching a semi-autonomous sensor which, in addition to traditional PC and software-based operation, also works as a smart pyrometer with analog or digital outputs that seeks the target on its own. This opens up new fields of application, e.g. in mechanical engineering or multisensor applications,” explains Dipl.-Ing. Torsten Czech, Head of Product Management at Optris.

 Infrared camera for the metal industry up to 2000 °C - special wavelength  reduces measurement errors

The new infrared camera optris PI 05M
features a continuous measurement range from 900 to 2000 °C. It has an optical resolution of 764 x 480 pixels and measures at a wavelength of 500 to 540 nm. Thus, the PI 05M supplements the optris PI 1M (0.85 to 1.1 μm). Thanks to its special spectral range, measurement errors resulting from unknown or changing emissivities are reduced.

 LWIR infrared cameras can now measure up to 1500 °C - High-resolution infrared cameras for additional fields of application

The optris PI 450 and optris PI 640 infrared cameras
can now also be calibrated for a temperature measurement range of up to 1500 °C. This allows the two high-resolution cameras to be integrated into applications which far exceed the previous threshold of 900 °C.

 The only fully radiometric flight thermography on the market - The only fully radiometric flight thermography on the market

The relaunched optris PI LightWeight, a kit consisting of a weight-reduced infrared camera and an equally light mini PC now ensures even better flight thermography ...

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