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Rubrics : gas analytics liquid analytics - solid analytics - control technology
Modular Polytec Spectrometer Systems (PSS) for flexibility and applicable to both online
process control and laboratory measurements - standardised set of sensor heads with
spectrometers and process software packages for qualitative and quantitative online analysis.

The brand-new VibroGo®: Truly portable laser vibration measurement with on-board data recording and monitoring
VibroGo® is the truly portable, battery-powered laser vibrometer- a new feature now enables to store measurement data directly on the device and view them live plus quick analysis on its display or via web browser on various other devices.- October 2021

Reinventing Optical vibration measurement - QTec makes the difference
As with the other members of the VibroFlex family QTec uses a low noise class 2 laser, which can be used safely without eye protection. The performance gains are achieved by a patented arrangement of multiple detection channels that combine the best reading from the sample for a consistent result - January 2021

New UV sterilisation for food production - Fast decontamination while food conveyor systems are running: the new system emits short pulses of high-energy UV light, directly destroying microorganisms. The light source is used continuously throughout production - January 2020
















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