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Rubrics: liquid analytics - physical parameter
The leading provider of systems for the analysis and optimization of process in liquids
- innovative systems is to measure ultrasonic velocity and density in continuous processes - inline measurement of concentration in liquids - monitoring phase interface detection, polymerization and crystallization

LiquiSonic® 40-40 immersion sensor certified for hazardous areasLiquiSonic® 40-40
LiquiSonic® is the perfect solution for determining concentration and density of process liquids as well as for monitoring crystallization, polymerization and phase separation. - January 2021
LiquiSonic® systems for challenging installation requirements - Especially in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry is a high demand of small and robust inline and devices analyzing in hazardous areas - Dezember 2019
SensoTech expands in-house refrigerant calibration - Expansion ensures even better service and shorter delivery times - July 2019

The Measuring Point Manager at LiquiSonic® Lab System - Monitoring incoming goods and product quality measurments are often done at various stages in the production process - 9/2018

Innovative limit value displaying simplifies process monitoring - that simplifies the monitoring of an approximation to critical values

  Monitoring sulfuric acid concentration online  - the concentration of sulfuric   acid and oleum is continuously monitored in real time using just one single   sonic velocity sensor - 8/2016

Precise and reliable monitoring
places high demands on the analysis. For the concentration determination, sonic velocity meters have proven to be ideal, as sonic velocity forms a strong and unambiguous function to the concentration of sulfuric acid and oleum in the production-relevant concentration ranges ...

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With LiquiSonic® to the optimum oil circulation ratio in cooling processes   – continuous and online monitoring of the oil content - 8/2016

With LiquiSonic® to the optimum oil circulation ratio
For the lubrication of compressors in air-conditioning systems, refrigerant oils circulate in the refrigeration cycle, however, they reduce the cooling effectiveness ...

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  The new generation of liquid concentration analyzers the controller   can be operated from the PC or with tablet or smartphone remotely and in   real time - 7/2016

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  Certified quality by DIN EN ISO 9001 – Highest quality standards again   confirmed- April 2016

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  Reliable online bath monitoring continuously and in real time - with   LiquiSonic®   analytical technology - February 2016

The LiquiSonic® sensors
are installed directly into baths or pipes of any size and measure precisely the concentration of, for example, cleaning, anti-corrosive or quenching agents.

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  Inline process monitoring in hydrofluoric acid alkylation unitsi- LiquiSonic®   inline   analyzer continuously measures the hydrofluoric acid strength,   water content and concentration of acid soluble oils- Jamuary 2016

In petroleum refining,
hydrofluoric acid alkylation units play an important role in order to produce high-octane gasoline. The alkylation involves the conversion of byproducts into iso-octanes, while hydrofluoric acid (HF) is used as a catalyst.

For safety and efficiency reasons,
processes in hydrofluoric acid alkylation units require
a continuous monitoring.
Using process analyzers ....

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  LiquiSonic® Sensoren measure Plato, Brix and dry matter - industrial   processes must be continuously analyzed and monitored - November 2015

Quality monitoring and resource efficiency

In order to produce food with the greatest care, industrial processes must be continuously analyzed and monitored. Critical process parameters such as the concentration in beverages and liquid products can be monitored inline and thus directly in the process. The measurement data are available online and in real time. Using inline analyzers minimizes the efforts and costs caused by manual sampling and delayed lab results.

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  Online bath monitoring and maintenance - Online monitoring of bath   concentration or   contamination degree - April 2015

The LiquiSonic® inline analyzer of SensoTech
measures the concentration of cleaning and  anticorrosive agents or of acids and alkalis in various baths of different industries.
This allows an exact re-dosing.
For controlling bath changes, it is possible to determine the degree of contamination. If the limit is reached, a signal will be sent immediately. So the online bath monitoring leads to high product quality and increased plant capacity.

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  Inline analysis of beverage ingredients - Plato, Brix, alcohol, extract and   whey - Sept. 2014

The several processes of beverage production
can be significantly optimized by using inline analytical measuring technology. For example, to improve evaporations, phase separations, blendings or fillings, the concentrations in beer and wine, mixed and soft drinks, juices and liquid dairy products can be monitored.

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  Inline measurement of sulfuric acid and oleum - A variety of safety,   environmental, facility and   regulatory issues are the main topics at the   DuPont’s Sulfuric Acid Industry Events

SensoTech is invited to exhibit at the "DuPont Sulfuric Acid Safety Seminar" on September 16th, 2014, in New Orleans and at the "DuPont Fuming Acids Safety Symposium" from October 6th – 8th, 2014, in Florida.

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  Online monitoring of the cleaner concentration and bath contamination -   Efficient cleaning of industrial parts and treatment of surfaces by inline analytical technology

To measure the concentration of the cleaner and the degree of contamination
in the bath continuously, accurately and quickly, the LiquiSonic® analyzer of SensoTech will be directly integrated into the process. The automatic real-time measurements every second show immediately how much cleaner must be replenished to keep the cleaning result constant.

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  SensoTech honored as investor of the year 2013 -   Award for SensoTech at the ball of industry & commerce

In front of numerous guests from industry and commerce, politics and economy the investor of the year 2013 was voted at the ball of industry & commerce on March 29th, 2014.

The investor of the year 2013 is the SensoTech GmbH

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  Quality management again certified by DIN EN ISO 9001

Since 1995 SensoTech is certified by the international quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001. “Our commitment to quality is an essential component of our corporate philosophy.

The re-certification confirms our continuous customer orientation and the related focus of our business processes on quality, efficiency and transparency for maximum customer satisfaction.”,
says Managing Director Mathias Bode.

The auditors of the test and certification body TÜV again have praised the exemplary structured and systematic operational procedure within the company to ensure the high-performance of internal processes and to meet customer requirements ...

press release March 4 - 2014



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