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Rubrics : auxiliary units / sample conditioning - service provider
SP Scientific is a leading innovator in freeze drying and lyophilization equipment, centrifugal evaporation and concentration, temperature control/thermal management, glassware washers, controlled environments, vial washing and tray loading machines

Precision Temperature Control for NMR, EPR & XRD Studies - Outstanding temperature stability for your NMR, EPR and XRD instruments
of just ± 0.1°C - October 2018

Convenient Benchtop Tray Freeze Dryer - Now offers users the benefit of ethernet communication to allow you to monitor your cycle from anywhere that you can receive e-mail - October 2018

Extremely Versatile Freeze Dryer - now including an Omnitronics™  controller - September 2018

Small-Scale Production Lyophilizer - The Ultra Lyophilizer is a true workhorse system - flexible and small enough to fit into a laboratory - July 2018




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