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HORIBA Europe GmbH
Product program and applications
Rubrics : gas analytics - liquid analytics - physical parameter - service provider

Total Solutions for Protecting the Environment, and for Industrial Processing Analysis
- for immission ~, emission ~ and water analytics -

Rubrics / Technologies / Applications
Measuring Components and Applications
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Process & Environmental


Process & Environmental - As Driving Force for Sustainable Development


Air Quality Monitoring

• The HORIBA’s Ambient Air Pollution   analyzers feature advanced technology,   field-  proven reliability with excellent   sensitivity & precision at ppb levels, and   hassle free maintenance. Each of these   monitor, differs in their operation principle,   measure single/multiple components in   ambient air or diluted stack gases.

• converter checker for efficienc controlling of   NOx to NO

• calibration units


Measuring Components

• dust / fine dust
• CO
• H2S
• NH3
• NOx
• Ozon
• CH4
• SO2


Major Analyzer

AP-370 series air pollution monitor -
specifically designed for ambient air quality measurements and provides continuous and simultaneous measurements 

APMA-370 Ambient Carbon Monoxide Monitor
device for continuously monitoring CO concentrations -Approval according to EN 14626:- preferred method for monitoring the atmospheric pollution

APOA-370 Ambient Ozone Monitor -
continuously monitors atmospheric O3 


Emission Monitoring

• CEMS (Continous Emission Monitoring   Systems)

• for process and environmental applications

• portable analyser

• insitu analyser

• multicomponents analyser

• comprehensive systems

• portable gas sampling system

• data logger for online und offline operating


Measuring Components

Portable analyser :
• CO
• O2
• CO2
• NOx

Multi-component analyser
VA-5000 :
• with NDIR :
  CO, CO2, O2, NH3, NOx,   SO2,
  CH4, N2O
• NO and NOx
   with   chemiluminescent    sensor
• O2
  with four different types of   sensor modules   (galvanic,   paramagnetic, zirconium oxide   or magnetopneumatic.)


Major Analyzer

VA-5000 Multi-component Analyzer -
versatile gas analyzer - measuring a wider selection of gas components utilizing many different types of sensor technology - up to three sensor modules installed in a single analyzer case

GI-700 series - Stack Gas Analyzer -
Multi-gas Analyzer - The GI-700 stack gas analyzer is designed to continuously measure the concentrations of nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2), and ammonia (NH3) in stack flue gas streams.

PG-300 Portable Gas Analyzer -
simultaneously measure up to five separate gas components - a SDTM memory card slot is installed in the front panel and quick data saving is available

ENDA 5000 - Stack Gas Analysis System
the ENDA-5000 series are superior continuous analysis systems for NOx, SO2, CO, CO2 und O2 that are perfect in the difficult field of exhaust gas measurement

Industrial Water Analytics

Water Analytics

• indoor and outdoor analyzer
• 2-wire and 4-wire analyzer
• multparameter analyzer
• calibration units


Application Areas

• boiler water

• drinking water

• grey water

• groundwater

• pharma, food and cosmetics

• process water

• pure water

• surface water


• water processing


Measuring Components

• pH value
• Redox
• conductivity
• resistivity
• turbidity
• Oxygen dissolved
• Fluoride ions
• oil residual
• organic charge
• salinity


Major Analyzer

Dissolved Oxygen H-1-series
the measuring instruments include a total array of measurement points for the broad applications required controling of water quality.

U-50 Multparameter Water Quality Checker
to measure and indicate the monitoring result simultaneously up to 11 parameters -  rive, ground water, drainage water, etc

OCMA-500 Oil Content Analyser -
fully automated one-touch operation, from oil extraction to sample measurement and draining -f or monitoring water quality in sorrounding areas- fFor monitoring final discharge water a.s.o.

OPSA-150 Organic Pollutant Monitor -
at drainage systems for determining compliance with COD monitoring regulations - for monitoring quality of water measuring levels of organic matter at water supply intakes - as an organic monitor on process lines (phenol meter)

HT-110 Online TOC Analyser -
in Purified Water (PW), Water For Injection (WFI) and Highly Purified Water (HPW) - for pharmaceutical and/or semiconductor manufacturing

Water Analytics in the Environment

Analyzer - Survey

• hand held
• usable in the lab, in the field, in extreme   conditions
• one hand operation
• two parameter models
• PC connection available

Application Areas

• boiler water
• drinking water
• grey water
• groundwater
• pharma, food and cosmetics
• process water
• pure water
• surface water
• water processing


Measuring Components

• pH value
• Redox
• conductivity
• resistivity
• Oxygen dissolved
• salinity


Portable Analysers

i.e. LAQUAact - pH water quality meter -
one hand operation
- waterproof and dustproof -backlight - compact and ergonomic design

Lab use LAQUA : survey


Application Areas and Technologies

Application Areas

  • ambient air monitoring
  • chemical industry
  • emission measrement CEMS - data logger - sample preparation - insitu O2 - insitu dust - NH3
  • immission measremnet - dust -CO - H2S - NH3 - NOx (incl. converter) - Ozon - SO2
  • process gases / exhaust air - CH4, CO, CO2, NH3,, N2O, NO, NOx (CLD), O2 , SO2 - Ex
  • system engineering
  • water analytics in process
  • water analytics for the environment
  • water economy (wastewater, drinking water)


Technology gas analytics liquid
physical parameter service provider
air (ambient) quality x      
analytical systems - engineering - consulting       x
biomass     x  
boiler   x (O2 gelöst )    
container - shelter       x
chemical industry x   x x
COD /CSB   x    
comprehensive solutions       x
drinking water     x  
dust x      
emission measurement x      
engineering       x
environmental analytics x x x x
exhaust air x     x
fine dust x      
flue gases - stack gases
(waste inceneration, steel ~, glas ~, pulp&paper industry, power plants)
immission measrements x      
mobile analytical systems - test vehicles        
multi-parameter analyser x   x  
oil in / on water   x    
Oxygen dissolved   x x  
petrochemicals x     x
pharma, food, cosmetics   x x (conductivity)  
portable analyser x   x  
power plants x      
process gases x      
sample preparation x      
sewage treatment plants     x  
TOC   x    
trace gas analytics x      
waste treatment x      
wastewater - industrial     x  
wastewater ~, sewage analytics - municipal - sewage treatment plants   x x x
water treatment     x  
water quality     x  

Company Profile and Contact


The HORIBA Group and your life!
We live in a world full of challenges and opportunities in varying degrees complexity and significance. These must be identified measured, analyzed and prioritized. That is our business.
The HORIBA Group is a global leader in measurement and analysis. Industries, governments, hospitals and laboratories from around the world have turned to the HORIBA Group for scientific solutions in analysis. Improvements are apparent in all aspects of our lives, including Earth environment, energy, health, manufacturing, research and other fields, as direct results of our efforts.
We do not have means to resolve every issue facing our society, but the HORIBA Group can help YOU take up challenges and turn them into opportunities through enhancements in measurement and analysis technology.


HORIBA Europe GmbH
Hans-Mess-Straße 6
61440 Oberursel






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