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 Flüssigkeitsanalytik - Applikationen "Mikro-Sensoren für die Sauerstoffmessung"- Fa.PreSens

Mikro-Sensoren für Sauerstoff
- Fühlerspitze < 50 µm mit schneller Reaktion t90 < 1s"

Applikationen der Mikro-Sensoren für Sauerstoff
- Oxygen Microsensors -

  • in der Verpackungs-Industrie
  • in pflanzenliches und menschliches Gewebe
  • in Untersuchungen zu Umweltproblemen


Oxygen Concentration of Small Headspace Packages

The determination of the oxygen content within packages or pharmaceutical vials is of essential importance to ensure both the filling quality and the long-term storage stability. With our micro-invasive needle-type oxygen microsensors we offer a simple tool to determine both the headspace and dissolved oxygen. The septum of the vial or package is pierced with the needle and the sensor is extended for measurement. As the measurement is made inside the package no error-prone sampling is necessary














Tissue Engineering

Oxygen microsensors measure the oxygen content in various volume compartments of the tissue engineering constructs. To do so, hair-thin sensors are inserted into the constructs and the oxygen content is measured online.  In this way , the oxygen partial pressure is measured with a high local resolution and correlated with the constructs tissue quality (composition of the extracellular matrix).


Profiling: Profile Measurements in Sediment and Tissue

Due to the extraordinary high local resolution (< 50 m) our oxygen microsensors are ideal suited for recording microprofiles e.g. in sea-floor sediments, biofilms, plant physiology and human physiology. On the left you see oxygen profiles of a marine sedi-ment populated with photosynthetically active microorganisms, measured in dark (closed symbols) and under strong illumination (open symbols). The measurement was performed simultane-ously with an optical oxygen microsensor (blue) and a Clark-type micro-electrode (yellow). Both sensing tips have a distance of approx. 50 µm.

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