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Innovative Concepts for Fibre-optical
Immersion Probes and Flow Cells for
Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

The new online shop for analyser lines and installation material -
also for mobile orders

The continuous online measurement of pollutants in the air with the GO-Mini-ATC enables the detection limit of 1 ppb for hydrocarbon measurement.

Due to the (patented) measuring method, no consumable materials which are harmful to health and the environment are necessary, such as, for example, the frequently used hydrogen. This guarantees safe, simple and environmentally friendly handling.

13. Kolloquium Prozessanalytik
FESTO Esslingen-Berkheim

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Not only the actual market place but the innovation market of the future

World Forum and Leading Show for the Process Iindustries
11 - 15 June 2018 in Frankfurt am Main Germany



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Subsequent measurement of PCBs and dioxins separately in one GC-MS run each -

Automated Sample Clean-Up for the PCB and Dioxin Analysis
in „Pure“ Fractions

The world’s largest and most prominent congress on electr(on)ics and
the environment -

Going Green – CARE INNOVATION 2018

The next generation of the industry-leading Fortress Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) catalyst for heavy residuum (resid) oil feedstock applications for the refining market -

BASF introduces Fortress™ NXT FCC catalyst

From Homo sapiens to Homo digitalis – What is the digital revolution doing to us? - some projects -

Fraunhofer IAO joins “Partnership on AI“
Working together to increase the benefits of artificial intelligence for people and the workplace

BR launches "Homo Digitalis" future project
Web series and test on the future
impact of digitalization

Building Projects: How virtual reality can defuse conflicts with citizens
New guidelines make it easier to use visualizations in public participation contexts

Sharing ideas for tomorrow's digital communities
Morgenstadt Workshop 2017 provides a creative platform for urban innovation

Launch of the world’s first online platform for digital accessibility
“DeveloperSpace” serves as a community, exchange platform, and a source of ideas both for developers and for companies

Equality in action
Fraunhofer IAO and the University of Stuttgart’s IAT honored once more with TOTAL E-QUALITY title

Siemens has brought together image analysis technologies, familiar in the world of medicine, so they can be used to detect sources of oil and gas below the sea floor. The result: "the software is better than experts" (quotation Siemens) -

Digital Oil Prospecting with Ultrasound

The Soft Drinks segment is one of the most innovative segments of the Food and Beverage industry -

Controlling soft drinks

The new PIOX ID for the control of transfer processes in the delivery of acids and alkalis which are required for CIP processes -

A genuine global innovation at the BrauBeviale : the new PIOX® ID

Targeted at the oil & gas and petrochemical industries, typical applications for the new large line sizes include bulk hydrocarbon loading and bunkering, LNG/cryogenic or high temperature
applications -

New large line size Coriolis mass flowmeters

Up to 600°C/ 1112°F, e.g. in concentrated solar power plants (CSP), oil refineries or coal fired thermal power plants or for up to 490 bar/ 7107 psi, e.g. oil and gas well injection or processing of (petro)chemical products -

OPTISONIC 4400: New ultrasonic flowmeter for elevated
process temperature and pressure

Expansion of the plant up to 70,000 tons more - the engineering plastics Ultramid® and Ultradur® are used to make high-performance components for the automotive, electrical and electronics industries, as well as for the construction and furniture sectors -

BASF puts expanded compounding plant for engineering plastics
into operation at Schwarzheide, Germany

The new FRITSCH Headquarters USA is located in North Carolina and is part of the so called “Research Triangle” consisting of numerous research institutes, established companies as well as renowned universities -

FRITSCH opens a subsidiary in the US

Tomorrow’s production centers won’t just produce parts and products; they will produce – and benefit from – inexhaustible streams of information

The Future of Manufacturing

The intelligent and power independent prepaid meters offer great advantages particularly in the industrial application and irrigation -

Prepaid Metering System

Main task is the "digitization"of the measuring devices and measuring systems -

New member of the KROHNE Group Management

Total Solutions for Protecting the Environment, and for Industrial Processing Analysis -

for immission ~, emission ~ and water analytics


Optris expands in Berlin to more than 3000 square meters




To produce 600,000 tons per year of PET -

Contract to build two new world-scale polymer plants in Turkey

BASF is in discussions regarding a potential merger of BASF Group’s oil and gas activities with Letter One’s oil and gas activities bundled in the DEA Group.-

BASF confirms discussions with Letter One

Eisele Pneumatirics is setting the course for further internationalization and responding to the digitalization of the logistics chain -

Roofing ceremony for a new automated small parts warehouse

170 years of Siemens -

From an inner courtyard to the cloud

Climate change is already happening. The question is: can we mitigate it? A Siemens study maps a path to achieving the goals set by the Paris Agreement -

A roadmap to decarbonization

Tasks requiring significant computing power, such as simulations of industrial catalysts, crop protection products, and materials, are among the first computational tasks being run -

BASF starts up supercomputer in Ludwigshafen

Review POWTECH 2017 -

More than 14.000 visitors from different industries at the Fritsch booth


High-performance grinding down into the nano range -

The FRITSCH Planetary Mill PULVERISETTE 5 premium line is one of the best solutions for 2017 in the category ”Research and Development”

Specialty zeolites will be used to produce state-of-the-art emissions catalysts for heavy duty and light duty diesel vehicles

Due to an increasingly high demand for these catalysts -
another production plant for specialty zeolites

New tool helps maximize service life of plastics products through precise application of plastic additives -

Global UV radiation mapping tool for plastics

Expand the company’s position as a solution provider for the transportation, construction, industrial applications and consumer industries -

BASFto aquire Solvay's polyamide business


Brunei is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of natural gas.-

thyssenkrupp wins major fertilizer plant order in Brunei

The ongoing digitalization of these industries and the coming data flood increase the necessity for future production methods. They could fulfil the demand for low volume, high potency APIs designed for the
patient’s needs --

PRAXISforum Future Production in
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry - 25/26 Sep 2017, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Announcing the start of a project at BASF’s Ludwigshafen site -

BASF and SAP will provide custom made global network
for technical assts

This process will enable economically viable transformation of excess current and off-gas carbon dioxide (CO2) into the chemical energy storage methanol in small-scale, delocalized production units -

BASF will provide custom made catalysts adapted for a new chemical energy storage process

ESAS is the biennial European symposium for scientists and advanced students working in the field of elemental analytical spectroscopy - CANAS is the well-established German colloquium in elemental analysis - The "Anwendertreffen Plasmaspektrometrie 2018" (user meeting plasma-spectrometry) is focused on ICP-OES, ICP-MS and other plasma-based analytical techniques -

March 20-23, 2018
in Berlin

FRITSCH, an internationally respected manufacturer of application-oriented laboratory instruments for sample preparation and particle sizing, is again one step ahead. -

Innovations at POWTECH 2017 - Hall 2 • Stand 227

The sensor is aditionally applicable in Industry 4.0 machine environments -

The new non-contact DOSIC® ultrasonic flow sensor

Fully automated TOC analysis in water and solids - analysis of metals and inorganics (cement, steels, ceramics a.o.) for quality control -

The Technology Leader in Elemental Analysis

For liquid and solid applications in a wide range of industries -

KROHNE adds six new 24 and 80 GHz transmitters
to the OPTIWAVE series of FMCW radar level transmitters

A new solution for getting real-time feedback from any position in a production process - incorporated in many different process streams in a wide range of industries such as mining and metals or the production of petrochemicals, polymers or food - online and real-time based -

New Epsilon Xflow for monitoring liquid-based processes

Special wavelength reduces measurement errors -

Optris infrared camera for the metal industry up to 2000 °C

Optris high-resolution infrared cameras for additional fields of application -

LWIR infrared cameras can now measure up to 1500 °C

SICK AppSpace unifies software and hardware -

Achieve More With Embedded Systems





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