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Innovative Concepts for Fibre-optical
Immersion Probes and Flow Cells for
Process Analytical Technology (PATReservoir troughs for multi-channel pipetting


Tailored solutions for fluid
control systems.


Flexible Industriemesstechnik GmbH


Ultrasound technology
non-intrusive flow measurement


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New August 2018 : Now certified with the General Purpose Approval!

The continuous online measurement of pollutants in the air with the GO-Mini-ATC enables the detection limit of 1 ppb for hydrocarbon measurement.

Due to the (patented) measuring method, no consumable materials which are harmful to health and the environment are necessary, such as, for example, the frequently used hydrogen. This guarantees safe, simple and environmentally friendly handling.

Solutions for Liquid and Gas Applications

Customized Process Systems with Advanced Process Technology





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The Brexit and Strategies for Companies from non-EU countries
Following the Brexit, the United Kingdom (U.K.) will become a “Third country”. From March 30th 2019 marketing authorisation holders based in the U.K. will need to have a registered office and/or a manufacturing site with a corresponding manufacturing authorisation in the EU/EEA -

HWI Campus – Your gate to Europe for EU batch release and pharmacovigilance activities

Amazone's filter development : a surface that is composed of pure Tantalum metal -

API Manufacturing Benefits from
Durable Filter Housings

The D-EVA vacuum concentrator for automated sample clean-up -

Parallel and Fast Concentration of Samples in
PCB and Dioxin Analysis

The specific refractive index increment is a critical parameter required to determine absolute molecular weight using static light scattering (SLS) detectors -

Differential Refractometer for Precise
dn/dc Determination

Set-up to quickly and securely seal 96-well deep well microplates as standard -

Autocapper - the Versatile Microplate Sealing System

The automated system DEXTech Heat especially cleans up samples that need to remain melted in PCB and dioxin analysis by keeping the sample liquid with three heating zones - from sample vial to the first column -

DEXTech Heat, Automated Sample Clean-up in PCB and
Dioxin Analysis

How automation of isoelectric point measurement can be achieved -

Autotitrator for Zeta Potential Analyzer

These new flagship instruments deliver significant improvements in the quality and speed of particle size, molecule size and zeta potential measurements -

The new Zetasizer® Pro and Ultra systems

Fast and accurate at-line elemental analysis for the industry -

Malvern Panalytical’s new Epsilon 4 benchtop XRF spectrometer

A new 8- and 12-channel reservoir troughs to help improve multichannel pipetting -

Reservoir troughs for multi-channel pipetting

Microbiologically stabilised prior to packaging prolongs shelf life of wine -

Combination filters improve wine shelf life

To maximize the utilization of the diffractometer and minimize time spent for training or wasted on faulty measurements -

The Empyrean with new multipurpose X-ray platform

Fast, high-definition particle imaging -

The new Morphologi 4 range for Particle Characterisation

The latest of a series of cutting-edge products used for sample preparation by fusion for XRF and ICP analysis -

Launch of LeDoser-12™ Automatic Dispensing Balance

Detailed thermal images that are ideal for electronics inspections or material tests -

Fast Frame Rate Camera for Real-time Thermal Analysis

Genevac’s EZ-2 Series centrifugal evaporator as a preferred sample preparation tool for applications by forensic science labs -

Benchtop Evaporator Aids Forensic Science

Study of the the Institute of Applied Radiation Chemistry at the Lodz University of Technology (Poland) -

Characterization of Polymeric
Microgels & Nanogels

Cutting-edge product used for sample preparation by fusion for XRF and ICP analysis -

Claisse is Proud to Launch LeDoser-12™
Automatic Dispensing Balance!



Solutions to help transform electric concept car from design to reality -

BASF and GAC R&D Center co-develop concept cars for future mobility

Research grade thermal imaging cameras are helping researchers better understand the role of temperature in the construction of 3D-printed components -

Improving 3D Printing with Thermal Cameras

Reduction of greenhouse gases by at least 50 percent -

Methanol production according to the biomass balance approach

Leading antibiotics manufacturer’s fermentation plant enables them to reduce production downtime resulting in significant cost savings -

Ammonia Filtration Key to Efficient Antibiotics Production

Titan Enterprises reports on the development of a high-pressure turbine meter for measuring the flow of liquid refrigerants -

High Pressure Flowmeter Measures Liquid Refrigerants

Amazon Filters has received a supply chain contract renewal from leading soft drinks company - Britvic -

Amazon Filters help Britvic maintain their cleanroom processes

Micromeritics will serve as a non-exclusive distributor for the World’s most widely used Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) and Zeta Potential measurement systems -

Micromeritics Instruments and Malvern Panalytical
announced a new collaborative sales partnership

Outstanding temperature stability for your NMR, EPR and XRD instruments of just ± 0.1°C -

Precision Temperature Control for NMR, EPR & XRD Studies

Now offers users the benefit of ethernet communication to allow you to monitor your cycle from anywhere that you can receive e-mail -

Convenient Benchtop Tray Freeze Dryer

PLAneo® technology from thyssenkrupp lowers CO2 emissions and reduces use of fossil raw materials -

thyssenkrupp commissions first commercial
bioplastics plant for COFCO in China

The innovative technology improves the selective removal of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and minimizes the co-absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2) from gas streams - For new treating facilities, the usage of the technology will reduce the size of the equipment and the initial capital investments -

New solvent to decrease sulfur emissions

With the toolbox you can configure, simulate, measure, and analyze end-to-end communications links -

5G Toolbox™ provides standard-compliant functions for 5G
communications systems

SP Scientific LyoLearn™ educational webinars are held monthly and devoted to lyophilization - to register :

Basics of Freeze-Drying Webinar Program

Expert advice to help them evaluate and purchase the right tool -

Guidebook to Radiological Detector Selection

Customer for the project is the MOL Group, a leading international oil and gas company from Hungary -

Major order for new chemical complex in Hungary

PLATE aims to address the tremendous impacts of product lifetimes on the environment - now open for contributions -

3rd PLATE conference 2019
in Berlin - 18. - 20. 9.2019





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