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 Flüssigkeitsanalytik - Applikationen "Sensoren für Sauerstoff - in kleinen und großen Behältern"- Fa.PreSens

Applikationen der Messzellen für Sauerstoff
- Oxygen Probes -

  • in der Biotech- & Pharma-Industrie
  • in Brauereien und in der Getränke-Produktion
  • in Untersuchungen zu Umweltproblemen


Process Control in Biotech & Pharma

The OIMs, the oxygen probes for in-line measurement, are designed for harsh conditions like high pressure or oil/water mixtures. These systems give high accuracy and are almost maintenance-free as they do not contain any membranes and electrolytes. The sensors are fully autoclavable and sterilizable (CIP & SIP).


Long-term Measurements in Soil

PreSens offers dipping probes for oxygen measurement that does not consume oxygen. Due to their small dimensions they do not disturb the flow and mass-transport and consequently display the in-situ oxygen concentration. As mini-sensors from PreSens are long-term stable they can be implanted in soil for many years!
With this new method the process of soil aeration, which is very critical for plant productivity, can be investigated.

Dr. Heidi Heuberger, Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany 



In-Line Oxygen Measurement in Brewing and Beverage Industry

Even low concentrations of oxygen influence shelf-life and the taste of certain beverages. Due to the extraordinary low detection limit of 1 ppb dissolved oxygen and outstanding accuracy of PreSens trace oxygen sensors, the quality of oxygen-sensitive products such as beer, wine and soft dinks is secured.
The optical sensors have - compared to standard electrodes - a very fast response time and they are very easy to maintain

Environmental Research - Investigation in Soil Filters

Due to the small outer dimension and mechanical robustness the oxygen dipping probe offers the possibility to measure the oxygen content in-situ in columns filled with filter sands during the flow of sewage (see picture on the left). The results show that a lack of oxygen stops the nitrification process.


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