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 Flüssigkeitsanalytik - Applikationen "Sensoren für die pH-Wertmessung"- Fa.PreSens

Applikationen der Messzellen für die pH-Bestimmung
- pH Sensors

  • in der Pharma-Industrie
  • in Bio-Reaktoren - Probenstrom
  • in Bioprozessen
  • in kundenspezifischen Mikro-Reaktoren


Pharma Industry: pH Monitoring in Bags

Bags and single-use bioreactors are in the process of revolutionising the way biopharmaceuticals are manufactured. Our non-invasive pH sensors are the tools to make the cultivation vessels fully disposable. As non-invasive DO sensors are also available, the two key parameters oxygen and pH can be controlled on-line.


Bioprocess Development: pH Monitoring in Shaking Flasks

The pH is one of the major issues in the cultivation of cells, yeast or bacteria. Shaking flask cultures are widely applied in academic and industrial bioprocess development. As adequate methods for real monitoring of pH were not available, cumbersome at-line sampling was used. The combination with non-invasive oxygen sensors in shaking flasks provides new insights into metabolic activity and changes in metabolic pathways.


On-line Measurement in Perfusion Systems

Beta-irradiated and calibration-free pH and DO flow-through sensors can be integrated into perfusion systems. This allows for the easy control of process parameters in perfusion reactors. Typically Luer connectors are used, though different sizes for larger or smaller flow rates are available.




Customized Micro Reactors and Ports

pH and DO sensor spots are mounted in customized micro reactors. They can be delivered beta-irradiated and calibration free. Integration into a variety of polymeric surfaces is possible. Immobilisation on ports which are integrated into the reactors at the customer's facilities is a second application


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