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Future Topic Hydrogen: New Partnership in Hydrogen Generation between
PSG and thyssenkrupp nucera

November 2022

PSG from Steinbach
provider of innovative solutions for Gas Analysis in the field of emission monitoring and process analysis technology, concludes

an important framework agreement with one of the leading suppliers of hydrogen electrolysis plants: In the future, NUCERA, a subsidiary of thyssenkrupp AG, will order all analyser systems for monitoring hydrogen electrolysis from the PSG experts.

to the new partnership: The smallest molecule in the world, hydrogen (H2) is versatile as a base material for liquid ammonia and methanol, in methanation or for fuel cells, as a synthesis gas, or for feeding into the natural gas network. It will become a key component for a successful energy transition. “Hydrogen is an important component for a successful energy transition.
After almost four decades of good cooperation with thyssenkrupp, we are therefore delighted to be involved in this future topic in particular – a great and sustainable success for our company,” says Thorsten Reisinger, Managing Director of PSG

Picture : Dr. Mathias Kibler
(Head of Analysis Technology thyssenkrupp) (left)
and Thorsten Reisinger (Managing Director PSG) (right)

About PSG:

AGT-PSG GmbH & Co. KG, better known as the PerfectSampleGas Company, based in Steinbach / Frankfurt, has been developing and producing innovative solutions for gas analysis in the field of emission measurement and process analysis technology for over 40 years. The product solutions, which are used worldwide, include gas sampling probes, heated analysis lines and gas coolers or gas conditioning systems. In the area of customized solutions, the range of solutions extends from small sample preparation plates to turnkey analysis container solutions – and this from basic engineering to on-site commissioning.

About thyssenkrupp nucera:

thyssenkrupp nucera offers world-leading technologies for high-efficiency electrolysis plants. The company has extensive in-depth knowledge in the engineering, procurement, and construction of electrochemical plants and a strong track record of more than 600 projects with a total rating of over 10 gigawatts already successfully installed. With its water electrolysis technology to produce green hydrogen, the company offers an innovative solution on an industrial scale for green value chains and an industry fueled by clean energy – a major step towards a climate-neutrality.

Text- und Bildquelle : AGT-PSG GmbH & Co.KG






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