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Rubrics :gas analytics - physical parameter
Development, production and marketing (also OEM´s) of infrared cameras - applications for
maintenace, controlling, non-destructive testing, gas detection et. al.

FLIR Systems Installs EST Screening Solution at Pentagon to Support the Fight Against COVID-19
The system is being used to screen visitors for elevated or higher than expected skin temperatures, which can help guard against the spread of COVID-19. - Juni 2020
Thermal Sensor Screens for Skin Temperatures
These highly configurable smart camera systems provide accurate, noncontact temperature monitoring across a wide range of disciplines - April 2020
Visualizing Hydrocarbon Gases Helps Minimize Venting to the Atmosphere
FLIR Systems OGI cameras can “see” hydrocarbon gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are venting or leaking to the atmosphere.  Major oil and gas producers are using the FLIR GF320 to quickly check thousands of components and identify potential gas leaks in real-time, saving time and ultimately reducing product loss - März 2020
Compact, High-Definition Thermal Science Cameras
The FLIR A8580 series of entry-level, cooled high-definition thermal science cameras is designed for a wide range of industrial, military, science, and product research and development (R&D) applications - March 2020
Multispectral Dynamic Imaging Enhances Thermal Inspection - MSX® (Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging) technology ensures easier target identification without compromising radiometric data thereby ensuring the quality of your thermal images is routinely excellent - January 2020
High Definition MWIR Cameras - Compact in design, FLIR Systems A8200sc and A8300sc MWIR cameras offer the speed and sensitivity researchers need to capture rapid thermal events and record the most accurate temperature measurements - November 2019

Fast, High Precision Thermal Testing - With the sensitivity to detect temperature differences of less than 0.03°C, the FLIR T530/T540 allow to find hidden design flaws and track small thermal gradients - August 2019

Quantifying Methane Leaks & Flares from Oil & Gas Operations with qOGC cameras - Oil and gas producers can now measure mass leak rates or volumetric leak rates for most hydrocarbons including methane.- March 2019

Thermal Cameras Provide Unique Insight into Material Properties - FLIR A6700 series thermal cameras can perform advanced inspections such as Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) - February 2019

Solving High-Speed Automotive Testing Challenges - To visualize and take accurate temperature readings on extremely fast-moving targets -
January 2019

Improving 3D Printing with Thermal Cameras - Research grade thermal imaging cameras are helping researchers better understand the role of temperature in the construction of 3D-printed components - November 2018

Fast Frame Rate Camera for Real-time Thermal Analysis - Detailed thermal images that are ideal for electronics inspections or material tests - November 2018

Guidebook to Radiological Detector Selection - Expert advice to help them evaluate and purchase the right tool - October 2018

Making Electronics Design Faster & Easier - using a FLIR ETS320 benchtop thermal imaging system - August 2018

FLIR identiFINDER® R200-GN  - Personal Radiation Detector with Neutron Detection Capability - Juli2018



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