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Rubrics : liquid analytics - solid analytics - sample conditioning/auxiliary units
Automated sample preparation for the analysis of residues and contaminants
in food and feed as well as for environmental samples and biological matrices

FREESTYLE XANA - Automated sample preparation
The topic of PFAS is as topical as ever. The latest EU Drinking Water Directive came into force on January 12, 2021 with amendments relating to PFAS. Also in the USA, the corresponding regulation US EPA 537.1 for PFAS in drinking water has recently been updated. - March 2022

System for No Blank Values in Automated PFAS Clean - A new EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) risk assessment asks for higher regulation of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances due to newly validated high toxicity. This subsequently increases the need to concentrate the samples to be analysed - January 2020

Parallel and Fast Concentration of Samples in PCB and Dioxin Analysis - The D-EVA vacuum concentrator for automated sample clean-up -
December 2018

DEXTech Heat, Automated Sample Clean-up in PCB and Dioxin Analysis - cleaning up samples that need to remain melted in PCB and dioxin analysis - November 2018

Automated Sample Clean-up at the analytica 2018-  innovative solutions for the automated sample clean-up of food, feed, environmental and biological samples at the analytica 2018

Automated Sample Clean-Up for the PCB and Dioxin Analysis in „Pure“ Fractions -   subsequent measurement of PCBs and dioxins separately in one GC-MS run each. Cross-contamination - 12/2017

The automated sample preparation system DEXTech Pure offers a fast, efficient, and economic separation of analytes in two fractions using a 3-column setup with aluminium oxide .....

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Fully Automated Mycotoxin Detection in the ppq-Range - sample throughput of   more   than 500 samples per week - 11/2016


LCTech’s robotic system FREESTYLE ThermELUTE
enables with its fully automated sample preparation and direct connection to a HPLC system a sample throughput of more than 500 samples per week. The process is done without any manual working steps from extract to the ready chromatogram.

Press release LCTech

 Automated Sample Preparation System for Dioxin Analysis DEXTech™ Plus -   shortening the process time, increasing the flexibility of the system, allowing   easy handling, and achieving lower costs per sample-  2/2016

3,500 Samples per Year Throughput with the New system DEXTech™ Plus

Tedious and elaborate sample preparation makes the sample processing time and cost-intensive.

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 Automated Sample Preparation: Bidirectional SPE - robotic system   FREESTYLE -  2/2016

LCTech GmbH has developed a new procedure of sample loading, the bidirectional SPE (solid phase extraction). Thus, even very difficult matrices with smallest sample volumes, like brain, can be processed automatically without supervision over 24 hours and 7 days per week ...
... automatically processes the most difficult matrices in the field of forensic and toxicology: reliably and without cross-contamination

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 New and Unique: Automated Sample Preparation for Water Analysis - The new   robotic system FREESTYLE XANA - 2/2016

has been specifically developed for the automated sample preparation of large-volume water samples like drinking water, raw water, or river water. Without the need for supervision the system processes samples over 24 hours and 7 days per week ..
... for the sample preparation of water samples with a volume of 1 L up to 10 L

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 New affinity column BioteX - LCTech facilitates the clean-up for the biotin  analysis – automated and  manual

Biotin is a naturally occurring vitamin
that belongs to the family of B vitamins (B7) and is one of the water-soluble vitamins. It can be found ubiquitously in many foods. The biotin concentration supports a vitamin-rich diet and is consequently found in many vitamin drinks, vitamin tablets or food supplements. Egg yolk, soybeans and liver are amongst the foods that are high in biotin content.

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