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Innovative flow chemistry products for customers in both the research and biopharmaceutical sector


Larger scale batch photoreactor
Designed for scientists looking to scale-up batch photochemistry reactions – the Solstice Maxi™ fits neatly onto a standard laboratory magnetic stirrer enabling the contents of each tube to be efficiently stirred. 


Scalable flow method yields enantiomerically pure pharmaceutical intermediates

Employing a FlowSyn continuous flow reactor and binary pump
in a custom set-up the researchers developed a new flow process which circumvented the risks associated with the high temperature and pressure required, and the highly volatile nature of the epoxide starting material


High intensity light source accelerates photoredox catalysis
Building upon the Nobel Prizewinning work of Macmillan et al1, photoredox catalysis has emerged as an important and powerful bond-forming strategy in chemical synthesis. Key to the practical implementation of this methodology in the laboratory is the availability of affordable and easy to use benchtop photoreactor systems


Building blocks for flow chemistry

Uniqsis has developed an extensive range of affordable ‘building blockmodules to which you can simply add your own pumps to create a
flow chemistry system.


Catalytic flow chemistry system

The FlowLab Column™ from Uniqsis is an affordable flow chemistry system designed specifically for high temperature and pressure catalysis applications.


Optimised Photochemistry module for GSM chip reactors

is an easy-to-use device - design optimised to perform photochemical reactions in the complete range of Uniqsis Glass Static Mixer (GSM) reactor blocks, also known as GSM chip reactors.


How to improve the reproducibility of your flow chemistry

To enhance the reproducibility of flow chemistry scale-up - precise control of mixing and temperature in highly exothermic or rapid reactions is essential


Chinese Academic Institutions Invest in Flow Chemistry
Uniqsis report major growth in sales of its FlowSyn, FlowLab and modular based flow chemistry reactor systems to leading Chinese academic institutions - July 2023

Affordable, high-performance flow photoreactor
The Borealis™ from Uniqsis brings flow photochemistry within the budget of almost any laboratory. The Borealis™ sets a new benchmark for safe high yield photochemical flow synthesis - June 2023

Automated optimisation of heterogeneous catalysis reactions
The use of solid supported reagents, catalysts and scavengers in flow reactor systems offers significant benefits over conventional batch heterogeneous catalysis techniques. Their use often avoids the need for downstream product purification and leads to enhanced reaction rates and higher overall efficiency due to the large excess of catalyst - May 2023

Compact temperature-controlled batch photoreactorr
For synthesis labs looking to undertake small scale photochemical reactions – Uniqsis has introduced Solstice™ – a compact, temperature-controlled batch photoreactor that combines affordability, high-performance and flexibility - March 2023

Flow chemistry system configurable to match your application
The FlowLab Plus™ from Uniqsis is a versatile flow chemistry system with a wide choice of high-performance modules to match your application needs -
March 2023

Versatile UV Spectrophotometer for batch and flow applicationsbr
The Flow-UV uses fibre optic waveguides that connect the flow cell to the detector, allowing the flowcell to be positioned virtually anywhere in the flow path. To assure linearity of response, up to 5wavelengths can be selected to monitor the progress of a reaction or monitor concentration changes ina wide variety of media. - February 2023

Universal UV-Visible Detector for Continuous Flow Chemistry
The compact, high-resolution Flow-UV™ CCD array detector does not require calibration or routine servicing. In contrast to conventional Deuterium UV lamps, the Xenon flash lamp source used in the Flow-UV™ has a lifetime of up to 10 years. Flow-UV™ is extremely easy-to-use - June 2022

High yield photochemical flow synthesis
Comprising a high intensity Borealis™ LED lamp unit and a Cold Coil™ standalone reactor module the Borealis™ Flow Photoreactor brings flow photochemistry within the reach of almost any laboratory. - February 2022

High Efficiency Gas-Liquid Flow Chemistry Modulel
The Gas Addition Module II (GAM II) from Uniqsis is a coil reactor that permits gas to be introduced 'on-demand' to reactions performed under flow-through conditions by diffusion through gas-permeable membrane tubing - January 2022

Uniqsis launch Borealis Photoflow Reactor
A new high intensity LED lamp unit, available in a range of fixed wavelengths (370, 410, 440, 460 and 520nm), that converts their Cold Coil™ standalone reactor module into a flow reactor for photochemical applications - December 2021

Sequential Photothermal Flow Chemistry Delivers High Yields
By moving the photochemistry, performed using a PhotoSyn™ LED photoreactor, from ultraviolet (UV) to visible, the researchers were able to make their [2+2] ring closure much more energy-efficient. Integrating this with a FlowSyn™ Continuous Flow Reactor they were also able to apply automated high-temperature flow chemistry to the thermal cascade step facilitating safe and reliable scale-up with short reaction times - September 2021

Highly Reproducible Flow Chemistry Scale-up of Polymerization Reactions 
Designed by chemists for chemists - FlowLab Plus™ is a versatile modular flow chemistry system built around the Uniqsis Binary Pump™ dual channel reagent delivery system. The system is configured to run both manual and automated flow chemistry reactions.- March 2021



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