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Home of flow measurement - small bore flow meters and flow meter solutions


Titan Enterprises Ltd.
Coldharbour Business Park
Dorset DT9 4JW







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Special Reports

  • Flow Measurement of High Viscosity Liquids
    High viscosity liquids, such as fuels, thick oils, bitumen, resin and tar, require devices that are precision engineered to provide highly accurate flow measurement. The teeth in an oval gear meter are used to drive the gear and seal the central path, with the differential force being developed by the shape of the ovals rather than the gear teeth on the lobe - May 2023

  • 3-D Printing Expedites Titan Enterprises’ R&D in Flow Meter Technology
    3D printing technology is fundamentally changing the way we design, prototype and test flowmeter devices within our R&D, particularly when developing specialist designs for OEM applications,” says Neil Hannay, Senior R&D Engineer with Titan Enterprises
    - April 2023

  • Ensuring the accuracy of reagent dispensing pumps
    The intuitive PC App allows easy configuration of the device enabling users to set the required level of sensitivity for monitoring for the presence of undissolved gas bubbles that can affect the accuracy of any reagent dispensing pump - April 2023
  • Titan Enterprises’ NSF-Approved 800-Series Turbine Flow Meters Provide Low- Cost Solution for Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry
    Precision flow measurement is a critical tool for the Pharmaceutical and Medical industries, where processes require the precise control of liquid flow rates. Titan’s NSF-approved 800-series turbine flow meters are ideally suited for applications where both food-grade hygiene and precision flow measurement are required, such as those seen in dispensing and accurate batch delivery systems for ingestible pharmaceutical products and additives. - March 2023

  • Titan Enterprises Expands Patents for its Ultrasonic Flowmeter Technology
    Titan’s ultrasonic flow sensors use high frequency sound waves to measure flow using the time-of-flight principle within the liquid in a small pipe. The ultrasound is injected with the direction of flow into the liquid by one piezoelectric crystal (the sensor) and is received by a second piezoelectric crystal further down the tube - February 2023

  • Flow Sensing Challenges in Food & Beverage Production
    Die Flow measurement is a critical tool for food and beverage manufacturers, the industry having a diverse range of processes that require the precise control of liquid flow rates - January 2023

  • Fast Tracking Flowmeter Design for the Measurement of Fuel Consumption
    Metering fuel consumption can be achieved using positive displacement flow measuring devices such as Oval Gear flowmeters. However, differing results in flow meter accuracy and error rates can be seen depending on a number of factors -
    December 2022

  • High Pressure Flow Meters for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry
    Flow measurement plays a fundamental role in upstream, midstream, and downstream segments of the Oil and Gas industry. Applications such as high-pressure additive injection, require highly accurate and chemically resistant flow metering sensors -
    November 2022

  • Measuring Changing Flow Rates – the Challenges of Pulsating Flow
    Pulsating flow systems can be seen in process applications where the velocity profile of the flow undergoes dramatic cycling changes as compared to normal steady flow conditions. Such conditions are common in blood flow monitoring, medical, and chemical dosing systems where peristaltic or diaphragm pumps are used -
    October 2022

  • Titan Enterprises Goes Live with New Website to Better Serve the Flowmeter Market
    Titan Enterprises is inviting visitors to explore their dynamic new website.  Designed for the evolving scientific, engineering and measurement marketplace, Titan’s new enriched content-led website gives the visitor a step-up in user experience -
    September 2022

  • Titan Enterprises Explains Possible Reasons for Flowmeter Failure During Installation
    Titan Enterprises Ltd, who has been designing and manufacturing flowmeters for over 40 years, explains some of the reasons why these sensors might fail and what can be done to prevent damage that can lead to costly repairs and process downtime -
    May 2022

  • Ahead of the Curve: Titan Enterprises Celebrates Over 40 Years of Innovation
    Optimised liquid flow metering solutions for more than 40 years. Supplying a diverse range of industries, Titan’s design and engineering expertise is fundamental to the company’s success - April 2022

  • New Interface Software Gives Improved Functionality For Atrato Flowmeter
    Titan’s development of the Atrato’s new interface software features some key functionality improvements: e.g. the ability to connect, configure and operate multiple Atrato flowmeters on a computer simultaneously whilst minimising CPU usage -
    March 2022

  • K Manufacturer Extends its Protection of Stored Bulk Crops Across the Globe
    Stored Crop reports a significant shift in their business model and growth. Agrochemical specialists, Stored Crop use a modified application system to extend the life of crops before and after harvest and maintain healthy storage environments.
    - Februar 2022
  • lowmeter Solutions for High-Speed Batch Dosing
    High-speed batch dosing in filling lines, typically seen within the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, is a modern process that increases production throughput and efficiency, as well as saving on cleaning costs associated with traditional batching processes.- January 2022

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