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Von Safety zu Smart Safety für die Industrie 4.0 - HIMA entwickelt ganzheitliche Sicherheitslösungen für das digitale Zeitalter - Industrieanlagen sicher, intelligent und flexibel steuern mit modularen Systemen - IT-Sicherheit in Industrieanlagen: Cybersecurity ist Teil der Architektur der HIMA Produkte und Lösungen

HIMA moves to the next level in China

- HIMA moves to a wholly foreign-owned enterprise -

(Singapore, 7 September 2016)

HIMA has relaunched its Chinese operation in the form of a wholly foreign-owned enterprise.
The new company is named
HIMA (Shanghai) Industrial Automation Co., Ltd.

Speaking about the new entity, Steffen Philipp, Managing Partner of HIMA Group said, “China is the fastest growing market for HIMA, and we are seeing strong opportunities in both the process and rail sectors. With our new company, HIMA can bring its full strength to bear and offer the Chinese market a broader range and depth of technology, services and training support.”

Previously, HIMA had operated in China as part of a joint venture. Following a strategic review of the business and their long-term objectives, the safety specialist relaunched its Chinese operation on July 1, 2016, as the wholly foreign-owned enterprise HIMA (Shanghai) Industrial Automation Co., Ltd.

To introduce its new entity, HIMA held a conference at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Shanghai. Attending the event were nearly 100 customers and business partners. Speaking at the event, Wolfgang Hagn, Managing Director of HIMA China, said, “We have changed our structure because of the advantages it offers to our customers. HIMA China will offer access to one-stop shopping and best-in-class service. This is vital as China is strategically important to HIMA as we look to reinforce our position as the leading independent global supplier of safety-related automation solutions.”

HIMA has operated in the Chinese market since 2001. Initially, the company collaborated with a sales agent. In 2006, the agent and HIMA formed a joint venture. The joint venture operated successfully for 10 years and expanded HIMA’s customer base and market penetration in China.



HIMA Shanghai Sales and Marketing Team
at the HIMA Shanghai Founding Conference and Product Seminar, held July 25, 2016.





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