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Führend in der Entwicklung, Herstellung und dem Vertrieb (auch OEMs) von Infrarotkameras
- Für die vorbeugende Wartung, Überwachung , zerstörungsfreie Prüfung, Gasdetektion u.a.m. -

Fast Frame Rate Camera for Real-time Thermal Analysis

November 2018

Camera for Real-time Thermal Analysis

FLIR Systems announces its A6750sc MWIR camera
is suitable for recording fast thermal events due to its short exposure times and high frame rates.
With its cooled InSb camera, accurate temperature measurements can be carried out on fast moving objects without motion blur and a variety of non-destructive tests can also be performed.
The FLIR A6750sc operates in the 3.0 - 5.0 µm wavelength range, or 1.0 - 5.0 µm when the broadband option is chosen, enabling precision measurements down into the SWIR range.

Thanks to the high resolution and thermal sensitivity of its sensor, the camera produces razor-sharp, detailed thermal images that are ideal for electronics inspections or material tests.
Offering short integration times (< 1ms) and fast frame rates (to 125 Hz), the A6750sc is able to routinely image dynamic thermal processes on surfaces at room temperature. The maximum frame rate in the smallest frame mode is 4.1 kHz.
The FLIR A6750sc offers the versatility of plug-and-play with third-party software due to its GigEVision and GenICam compatibility. It also works seamlessly with the FLIR ResearchIR software which enables intuitive viewing, recording and extended processing of the raw thermal image data. 

For more information
about the A6750sc MWIR, visit https://www.flir.co.uk/products/a6750sc-mwir/ or contact FLIR Systems on +32-3665-5100.




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