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Rubrics: liquid analytics - physical parameter - Automatisierungslösungen / Kontrolltechnologie
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Highest Standards: JUMO Ensures Safety in Heat

Hardening shops belong to one of the most crucial industrial processes and are highly relevant to safety. After all, they are used to specifically adjust the material properties so that they can withstand even the most extreme loads. As a result, precise temperature monitoring and control during heat treatment is all the more important


Efficient complete systems for the beverage industry

Regardless of whether you need the right temperature for brewing beer, the optimum pressure for filling lemonade, or the perfect moisture for monitoring wine cellars we are sure to have the right solutions for you


Solution provider for sensor and automation technology

Discover your possibilities − which you can also do while enjoying a delicious anniversary beer! Booths 4A-445, 7A-401, and the joint
booth 5-330 with SPE Alliance will provide several opportunities for constructive conversation


Jumo on the move

Jumo, a leading provider of industrial sensor and automation solutions is celebrating its anniversary. It is doing together 25 subsidiaries, more than 60 agencies, and over 2.500 employees around the world.

JUMO Supports Drinking Water Model Project in Solapur, India Smart measurement technology "Made in Germany" for Indian metropolis
In India, more than 500 million people have no, or only difficult, access to drinking water. The government is aiming to provide a country-wide water supply by 2024. To achieve this goal, 100 cities have been named "smart cities" in which methods to establish an effective supply of drinking water are to be tested - January 2023
Successful action in difficult times Businessleaders see great opportunities for JUMO
In addition to Dimitrios Charisiadis, who has been JUMO Managing Director since 2020, Steffen Hoßfeld has been appointed as the new Managing Director. The management duo can look back on a challenging first few months and have big plans for the future - September 2022
FlowTRANS US W − the new ultrasonic flowmeter series for liquids
For media that is conductive and non-conductive - can be used with flexibility in a wide range of processes and are also resistant to corrosive media - variants with a pressure sensor, Bluetooth, IO Link, or JUMO digiLine are available - November 2021
Intelligent Automation for Industry 4.0
The browser-based software solution JUMO smartWARE Evaluation enables intuitive analysis and visualization of process data from the JUMO variTRON automation system - November 2021
meroTRON Handles It! - Modular one-channel/two-channel controller with PLC function for the digital future
This way, analog as well as digital inputs and outputs, counting inputs, and interfaces can be added as required. - October 2021
The new sophisticated entry-level model – JUMO variTRON 300i
The device is based on the JUMO JUPITER platform. As a result, JUMO variTRON 300 uses a large number of features from this high-quality embedded system - October 2021
The JUMO TAROS S47 P precision pressure transmitter
TAROS S47 P is used for acquiring relative and absolute pressures in liquid and gaseous media - The robust construction enables protection types up to IP69 and therefore use in all areas, regardless of the environmental influences - March 2021
JUMO Technology for the Digital Age Automation 4.0 with the JUMO Cloud and JUMO smartWARE SCADA
More and more industrial processes are being monitored, analyzed, and automated using sensors. The new JUMO Cloud and the JUMO smartWARE SCADA make an important contribution to the development of the intelligent factory of the future.
- March 2021
The variTRON Automation System
The system bus can be transferred to the (equally) new 3-port router module on other DIN rails in the same or in other control cabinets up to 100 m away.- February 2021
New JUMO Float Switch in Horizontal Design
Due to the horizontal design, it can be easily mounted on the side walls of tanks and containers, from where it can then reliably measure the respective point level (MIN/MAX-level). - February 2021
Premiere: JUMO successfully breaks new ground with the first virtual trade fair
Several hundred participants from 50 countries at the JUMO Xperience Days - in order to keep customers and interested parties up to date on new products, technologies and trends - With the Xperience Days, we have realised an innovative event format that will also find a permanent place in our marketing mix in the future," explains JUMO Marketing Manager Michael Diegelmann. - February 2021

Diverse temperature measurement with the JUMO dicoTEMP 100 - Its Plug and Play functionality makes the JUMO dicoTEMP 100 the ideal partner for retrofitting existing equipment such as transformers, compressors, and hydraulic units - October 2019

JUMO hygienic TAROS S46 H Ensures Process Reliability - The high-level protection type (up to IP69) and the fully welded, compact design enable residue-free cleaning processes and high temperature compatibility for SIP and CIP processes - October 2019

JUMO variTRON 500 as the „totally integrated solution- A completely new hardware and software platform is being used in the JUMO variTRON 500, "scalability" has the highest priority - the result is modular, flexible, and, above all, sustainable - October 2019

JUMO at IFFA 2019 - presentig innovative and proven applications and systems - central processing unit JUMO variTRON 500 - hygienic pressure transmitter JUMO TAROS S46 H - scalable paperless recorder LOGOSCREEN 700

JUMO digiLine opens the door to sensortechnology 4.0 - Intelligent, bus-capable connection system   for digital sensors - October 2015

New applications and analysers at the SPS IPC Drives 2018

JUMO digiLine opens the door to sensortechnology 4.0 - Intelligent, bus-capable connection system   for digital sensors - October 2015






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